The Mosad is evil! [Archives:2004/783/Opinion]

October 21 2004

Hassan Al-Haifi
We receive many letters questioning the very plausible assertion that the Mosad, the intelligence arm of the Israeli Government, is capable of clandestine activities that too some may same far fetched. This is understandable because most of these skeptics really have a faint understanding of the history of the region or consider the creation of the Hebrew State as a natural phenomenon that has “could never pursue evil efforts” or conspiracies, etc. There is significant historical support that lends credence to the charge that Israel and the international Zionist Establishment that has given its all out support for the creation of Israel must rely on a lot of covert activity to overcome the weak legitimate grounds by which the creation of Israel and the outcome of that the usurpation of Palestine from its legitimate inhabitants for thousands of years can be justified. Moreover, that such covert activities could rely on the use of Moslems or Arabs is not far fetched at all, as there are even Palestinians who have acted as agents for the Mosad in more ways than one, such as informing the whereabouts of Palestinian leaders of Hamas and other resistance groups against the Israeli occupation. Furthermore, Israel definitely needs to justify continued western support for its existence, especially American support, especially after its usefulness as a “dependable ally” in the Cold has outlived its usefulness.
Many Moslems are also aware that many of the modern so called “fundamentalist” movements in Islam are quite dubious in terms of their dogma and their methodology to the point that many of them have literally gone astray from true Islamic doctrine, conduct and practice. This obviously leads to the strongly supported assertion that such “fundamentalism” must be generated from forces that seek to distort Islam and make Islam an enemy of “western culture” or “western civilization”. It is no secret that the Jerusalem Conferences recently convened under the sponsorship of many international Zionist organizations are actually geared to direct the West towards implanting a hostile attitude towards Islam, because “Moslem radicals” are out to destroy the West. By simple deductive reasoning, Moslems are compelled to rationalize that if these so called fundamentalists are pursuing what most Moslems consider as heretical approaches, and to a certain extent even dogma, then surely the intent of such pursuits are not to serve the interests of Islam. One only has to consider the almost spontaneous and abrupt rise of these renegade “Moslem” groups and their use of such corny means of association with Islam. Furthermore, the obvious reliance on sheer force and the ample funding at their disposal to impose themselves even within Moslem societies, lends credence to the obvious clandestine nature of their activities and backgrounds. Even the absence of any grass roots among the masses of faithful Moslems that stand behind such groups raises doubts as to the real objectives that these groups are after. Thus, many Moslems are convinced that by the obvious record of mischievous deeds, as Islam actually views them, undertaken by these groups, they cannot be in any way serving the interests of Islam or truly advocating for upholding the principles of Islam.
On the other hand, in looking at the historical establishment of the State of Israel and all the bloodshed and human tragedy associated with maintaining its existence, one should not be surprised that Israel and her intelligence organs would go to any length to assure the achievement of the Zionist agenda. Thus, one is not surprised to see the Mosad engaged in espionage activities against even the closest allies of the Hebrew State, nor to see hundreds of civilians killed by the Israeli Army, with all its modern arsenal, just to chase after one or two “suspected terrorists”. One only has to look at what recently happened in Gaza, where 115 Palestinians, a large number of whom are civilians and under the age of 18. Hundreds of homes and several farms were destroyed in the wake of this incursion, while even the officers, indiscriminately unloaded the magazines of their automatic weapons on helpless little school girls. The Israeli Army has announced that “no evidence was found to prove such heinous acts” and that the humane Israeli soldiers who could not stomach the atrocity are being charged with having “grievances against their commanding officers”, as predicted in this column two issues back.
Anyone who wishes to disbelieve that Israel and her intelligence organs, with the tacit support of a strong western right wing establishment, specifically in the United States are out to eliminate any genuine Islamic efforts at development. That is why we have the belligerent attitude towards Iran, diligently pursued by Israel and propagated in the West. Yet, Iran has proven that it is not even associated with any radical or militant rendition of Islam, at least as projected by these so radical Islamists and has behaved in a relatively civilized manner within the international community.
For sure, the Mosad is capable of undertaking any kind of clandestine activity that will serve the Zionist agenda and work to insure that Islam is prevented from playing the role of moral oversight that the religion is fully capable of showing, since Islam has proven time and again, that it is unmatched by any creed in asserting the fundamental rights of human beings to be free and to be relieved from any forms of oppression. For this reason, Zionism will always remain at odds with Islam, because Zionism is a movement that relies on aggression and bloodshed and a total disregard of the rights of other human beings, to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, whether man women or child. Surely without the aggressive activities of the Mosad, the Zionist agenda would be far behind by many years. You can bet on that! This is the motto of the Mosad: “By way of deception, thou shalt do war”. Need one say more!