The murder of Rachel Corrie and the invasion of IraqRelated anniversaries, yet so far apart [Archives:2004/722/Opinion]

March 22 2004

Hassan Al-Haifi
Last week brought with it two very important anniversaries in their implications for the United States and the region. On March 16, 2003, American made tractors driven by Israeli thugs simply drove over a brave American young lady, who was waging a big battle against the oppressive treatment the Palestinians were accorded by the miscalled Israeli Defense Forces. Yet despite the obvious violations against human rights this devious crime entailed and despite the American passport borne by this phenomenal American citizen, not a hair was raised in officialdom USA to even try to find out who the culprits of this heinous crime are and to send them to Guantanamo Bay. No, world, because Rachel Corrie had the audacity to stand for true justice in this world and not for the Might Makes Right Attitude of the present White House Administration. America has no intention of displeasing the Zionist lobby that has the right of way all across the ruling establishment in Washington and elsewhere in the prominent spheres influence in policy making in Washington, DC. In fact Israeli bulkldozers have the right way of way to trample on 100 American activists for Palestinian rights and not a hair will be moved in Washington. This clearly marked and according to eyewitnesses, “can't be missed” by the operators of the bulldozer operator was murdered in cold blood to signal to the American people that advocating for Palestinians was simply un-American. The people who said “if you are not with us, you are against it”, will simply look the other way while Rachel Corrie and the many brave international advocates from the United States or even Israel, who are not “with them”, for all they care, could all be thrown in foundation pits for the Israeli Security Wall. This is the mentality that reigns supreme in Tel Aviv and the White House, who were then so busy gearing up for the biggest international political sleaze of all times. Amidst all the pre Iraqi invasion yeas and nays and the great debates of pro and anti Iraqi invasion forces throughout the world, poor Richard Corrie was left to the hand of the tractor driver, which was enthusiastically shifting forward and reverse gear for the bulldozer to roll over the body of this young advocate for peace and human rights several times. He did not have the slightest apprehension that American outrage will be raised at the cold blooded murder of one of them. Poor Rachel Corrie! She was really under the impression that what she was doing was genuinely what America is supposed to be all about according to all the textbooks she read on American history! Alas! Illusions are indeed misleading! CNN and CNBC or any of the big media giants in the United States did not even bother to carry out a poll to put the matter of the untimely and sadistic death of one of the truly brave Americans to the public to get their views on the matter. Rachel Corrie put her body up in front of that monstrous Caterpillar to shout to the world, hay American bullozers paid for by American taxpayers had no business destroying the homes of innocent indigenous Palestinians, who go back millennia to make way for the biggest territorial robbery by those who hail from every settlement of descendants of converts to the Jewish faith north of the Mediterranean and East of the Danube. So, the world was actually forced to overlook this genuine goodness coming out of the United States that left her soul in the Holy Land for God and the world to see that America is truly a lot more than what George W. Bush and his monstrous clique at the Department of Defense and the Cheney operations room make it to be. Of course, make no mistake about it, for the Israelis the timing was just right to get rid of this unwelcome (“NOT WITH US”)American nuisance to the Sharon mob in Tel Aviv, because everyone was so busy gearing up for the big battle that was to come at the Euphrates Valley. So the message would be delivered exactly where it should be: American peaceniks and international do-gooders, Palestine is simply not your turf. An Israeli Officer at the scene confirmed this well, when he said that Rachel simply “had no business being there!”, as he nonchalantly commented on the intentional crushing of every bone in Rachel's delicate body. Even the anniversary of the intriguing death of this truly fine woman would be surely overshadowed by the anniversary of yet another mischievous rape: the launching of the Iraqi invasion, another Zionist-Evangelical masterpiece of cunning and deception that one is bound to believe the Americans will simply not forsake for the sake of retuning the wily and mischievous gang that has wrought havoc to every corner of the world and made the world a standoff between two monstrously evil forces: terrorism and dogmatic rightwing fanatics of war games, played out far away in simulation battle ground rooms in comfortable Washington, DC to be waged in the Middle East or Haiti or any place else that is ripe for the American capitalist establishment to invest the taxes that it should have paid to save their government from bankruptcy. Alas, Rachel, the anniversary of your ferocious death at the hands of the Israeli Murder, Inc. Machine will also be overshadowed by the momentous celebration of the not so victorious right wing legions that look at a name like Rachel Corrie with the utmost of contempt, because she was “not with them”, and had “no business being there”. To confront real Israeli weapons of mass destruction is un-American to these vagabonds to riches clique dominating the political scene in America and Israel. America is manifested in the chase after illusionary WMD that will harness the continuing wealth of the wealthy in America and keep the rest of the world in the bottom pit of poverty. So carry on Israel, you are free to crush anyone you like with as many American bulldozers as you need. Don't worry, America has more important mischief to cover you up with!