The Palestine Problem and the US Elections [Archives:2008/1199/Opinion]

October 16 2008

BY: Hassan Al-Haifi
Lest anybody has forgotten, the Palestinian problem is still alive and well in the hearts and minds of thousands of Palestinians, who continue to suffer from the worst occupation of all times – a suffering that has persistently not seen the light of day since 1967. It is also a tragic blot on the dead hearts of many Yemenis, Arabs and Moslems throughout the world, who have forgotten that this is as much their problem as it is the misdeeds of a deadly international Zionist establishment that is determined to not only bring havoc to the Middle East, but the world at large if necessary, just to make sure that the chauvinistic Zionist derma of conquering the Holy Land is attainable from the Nile to the Euphrates. The latest economic difficulties of the world are however beginning to worry so many people in every corner of the world, not the least of which are some of the diehard Zionist demagogues, who actually feel that their temporary conquest is doomed just like all the temporary conquests that have managed to gain a foothold on this dear territory of the world to so many people of faith and devotion to the Divine. Indeed the hold that the Zionists have on the Holy Land is beginning to reach its end. For one thing the biggest supporter and guarantor of this rapacious state is now enmeshed in an economic crisis the repair of which is yet to be seen in the near foreseeable future. When one has a sense of the gargantuan nature of the American economy, it becomes almost nightmarish to try to picture what this problem really means for the people of the United States, who have been misguided by the American demagogues of the right and their Zionist mentors into a hazy spate of unholy international adventurism and domestic economic experimentation at full gear laissez-faire. Indeed the results have come to light, with respect to the latter, as the American investment and financial markets become a venue of hopelessness, even with the Federal Government imposing nearly a trillion US dollars on the American taxpayer. All this just to bail out a few narrow interests that have gained riches beyond their dreams, as they abused the investments of their common stock shareholders, who once believed that their investments were rock solid, and now are expected to come out with the magic formula to make good on the expectations of the American taxpayer, who now has to continue financing the sleazy aspirations of diehard private sector bureaucrats, with unlimited budgets of extravagance on the grounds of pursuing the economic welfare of their stockholders and now on the grounds of pursuing the wishful thinking of the same government bureaucrats and neo conservative “think tanks”” and bigoted priests