The real anti-thesis of Islam [Archives:2004/712/Opinion]

February 16 2004

One is bound to be awestruck by the craving for blood shown by those who have taken it upon themselves to supposedly take up the banner of vigilant advocacy for Islamic causes. From an academic standpoint, most of these misguided insurgents and even their leaders are neither scholastically qualified to render any meaningful interpretation of Islam, nor culturally in tune with the real fundamental principles of civilized Islamic practice, behavior and Jihad. To date, it is regrettable that their activities, on top of being excessively bloody, reckless and simply unacceptable from an Islamic perspective have actually been counterproductive in advancing the cause of Islam or in serving the aspirations of Moslems, let alone upholding the rights of any of the Moslem constituencies, in which they operate. Nevertheless, not one day passes nowadays without having to learn of a new gory bomb attack unleashed by “Islamic” militants, randomly carried out almost for the simple reason of spilling blood, in a senseless manner that defies logical comprehension. It is really pathetic to see so many young men being goaded to such frantic and practically fruitless massacres, after having been reared in special “Moslem Institutes”, “Madrasas”, from their very early ages to prepare themselves to unquestionably abide by their mentors' orders to sacrifice their lives by the wanton shedding of blood of mostly innocent folk, msot of whom are now turning out to be members of Moslem communities within which they unleash their mentors' sadistic cravings.
The almost daily carnages we are now bearing witness to in Iraq have turned a legitimate right of resistance to an inexcusable invasion and continuing occupation by the world superpower, under a frantic Administration and reclusive Zionsit and American right wing establishment into an appalling bloodbath. The ironies of all this mayhem are, one, it was this illegitimate conquest that created the venue for all this sad bloodletting and two, the perpetrators of the latter are actually turning the Iraqi population into the pool of the victims of this alleged insurgency, which in no way serves any resistance effort. On the contrary, it only imposes a venue of terror among the poor Iraqi people, as if they haven't had enough terror, first under the Saddam regime, then under the bombardment of all the modern machinery of warfare that America can produce and now under this bloody mess by elements that wish to convince the world that this is for the good of the Iraqis, not to mention the several incidents of “mistakes” or getting carried away by the occupying forces, which have taken the lives of so many innocent people as well. This crazy bloody madness is no resistance. This is also not Islam, no matter how one looks at it, and the perpetrators shall be accountable to God Al-Mighty for every drop of innocent blood they spill. What a waste of young enthusiastic Moslems, who have been scientifically nurtured to even accept the bloodletting of their own brethren as sanctified and a magic passage to paradise. How naive can any leaders be to actually think that they can get away with such monstrous displays of wanton disregard for the sanctity of the lives of innocent human life, especially that of their own brethren? This is sheer madness and a phenomenon of sadistic inclinations of moronic proportions, which Islam is completely innocent of and regards as an absolute violation of all the civility and humane principles embodied in the eternal message of the Prophet Mohammed (Peace of Allah be upon him).
On another note, these dubious “Islamic” activists have also unleashed their wanton hate and lust for blood against even the most genuine and effective Islamic leaders, whose faith and adherence is much more refined than whatever claim these mad bloody vigilantes have any right to ever claim. The recent murder of President Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev of Chechnya is a clear case in point of the obvious disservice these militant vagabonds have served to perpetuate upon themselves. This former gentle and well versed Moslem scholar, contrary to the image the Russians and their puppets wish to disseminate, is a valiant member of the classical civilized resistance movement led by the late President Dudayev, which eventually resulted in a short lived independence of the Republic of Chechnya. Elements of this band of international seekers of blood for blood's sake, who wish to have us believe that they are faithful servants of Allah, when we know that God Al-Mighty has not failed in providing the proper standards for true faithful believers in waging Jihad, were actually the ones who intimidated the Russians to reoccupy Chechnya and wage their ongoing cruel war against the proud and dignified Chechen people. Elements of the same international gang also murdered Ahmed Shah Massoud, who once truly showed how effective and fruitful adherence to a civilized Jihad can be. These same elements have also admitted to having awakened the hate unleashed against Moslems by America and her allies, by unleashing a series of maniacal attacks against thousands of mostly innocent civilians in New York City and Washington, in an attack, we are sure that God Al-Mighty will never forgive, not only for the criminally mad nature of the attack, but because of the repercussions the attacks had on the rest of the Moslem World. It is time for the Moslems of the world to unite to render these kinds of clandestine and dubious non-Moslem movements as terminated, for all the maladies and divisiveness they have conjured up throughout the Moslem World. They are really no more than a “Fifth Column” that is serving the interests of the enemies of Islam in more ways than the latter could ever conjure up.