The regime is involved in a face-to-face fight with multi-party system [Archives:2008/1209/Opinion]

November 20 2008

By: Ahmad Abdulmalik Al-Maqrami
The Yemeni authority is working harder and harder toward more political congestion. It is also progressing shamelessly toward annulling the multi-party system in the country in a practical manner. Therefore, the ruler sees no one beside him except for a queue of yes-men and helpless clubbers.

The authority doesn't intend to impose an unannounced monarchic system of governance as some politicians speak about frequently. Instead, it plans to produce formal elections via which it intends to abolish the multi-party system just after it began to be applied on the ground. And the policy of liquidation, elimination and cleansing of political activists until the extent of cracking down on teachers and ordinary employees, dominance over the judicial authority, oppressing journalists and vote rigging in a way making any election worse than the one before reflect practical practices to annul the multi-party system.

Supposedly, the authority that doesn't think about any real development in the country as much as it cares about its survival and stay in power succeeded just in controlling the electoral programs with the intention of boasting them on the various occasions, as well as on the front pages of newspapers.

When the authority eliminates all the political and national forces through legal violations, frauds and vote rigging, plus black magic and misguidance, this implies that it achieved its malicious objectives and intentions.

Let us imagine that the upcoming parliamentary election, scheduled for April 2009, will have been conducted, in one way or another, according to the authority's desire and what it wants to produce. Will the authority end the theatrical stage at this limit or will it fuel other problems and then attribute them to certain political parties with the aim of eliminating these parties, according to an agenda to be outlined by ruling party brokers?

I don't rule out that certain parties in the government plot to create conflicts and disputes between the various political parties and organizations, according to their injudicious dreams. Some of these dreams have been achieved, but not as you like and hope to get done.

Rigged votes produce abnormal reactions

It is normal for a rigged electoral process to produce abnormal reactions that may be similar to practices of vote rigging. When the political field is filled with barriers and obstacles, it will eventually generate new political forces with the same problems and conflicts for the same reasons as a reaction to arbitrary practices followed by the authority. Such new forces will arise from all the various social groups.

Through its unwise actions and practices, the authority is fueling a new sedition, particularly as it never listens to statements given by wise men from outside its institutions. We don't know whether the authority still has judicious men, who may do something good for this nation.

We had been suspecting that the authority is spreading fears and concerns nationwide that the country may become like Somalia, which is plagued by endless conflicts and vulnerability as a result of unwise practices followed by its consecutive governments, in order to justify its mistakes.

Seats at the expense of security and development

We realize that there is a group of people within the authority, who practically attempt to take the nation into an endless sedition. It is an ugly selfishness via which the ruling party attempts to control all the Parliament seats in the upcoming election at the expense of national security, peace, stability and development.

People will never be submissive to the authority. They are many times bigger than the regime and all the political parties. The unwise political actions followed by the ruling authority will never help it attract people to support it during the upcoming election.

Source: Al-Ahale Weekly