The story of ‘Uncle Saeed’The wisdom of age is undervalued [Archives:2004/719/Opinion]

March 11 2004

By AbdulWahab Al Sofi
[email protected]
For The Yemen times

The struggling man is usually respected for their loftiness haughtiness, dignity and honor as well. He is wearing glasses with thick lenses He is old enough, but he still has the ability to walk on the pavement to look for a job. His silence reflects a tone of sadness and misery.
He walks so slowly that you think he carries a heavy load. Once I could see him walking before my work place I took the chance to chat with him, asking if I can render my help I gestured using my complete arm high up to say hello.
Unfortunately, he couldn't see me. I tried an other attempt shouting “uncle uncle” but no vain Later, I followed him and tapped on his shoulder slightly He stopped and looked at me to say: Yes can I help you? I said, “thank you sir.”
The voice of mine, reminded him who I am and then he gave me a smile blended with melancholy. He trained me when I joined with my first job. I did not remember him as his look changed completely.
“Are you Uncle Saeed?” I asked.
He shook this head to say, “yes.”
Then he whispered to himself. Thanks goodness life is still fine.
He told me his story as looking for a job. He was dismissed from his work during his leave for cure. He got a leave to make an operation to his eyes as he suffered to see properly. Their managers in the company believed that he was going to be blind.
During the time he was lying in the hospital for the operation, they got rid of him as he became old. He served them about ten years. More over he had ten years experience getting them in somewhere else.
He has now a big experience. His experience is double of what he studied. More than 20 years experience is well sufficient to get him a very good job easily. Unfortunately, this didn't happened Experience is very important to get a job.
The certificate is not enough. This is what we read in all notices of vacancies in the private sector. At the same time they don't accept old people. They want fresh new blood and experienced young persons. After hard effort and many prestigious recommendations, he was accepted to work in another company.
Two months later, he decided to hire a flat in Hodeidah city He asked for a leave to bring his family During that leave, the company got red of his service. Thus, he neither enjoyed his new job nor his new flat.
Two kicks on the head are very painful. Uncle Saeed was lost between the arrogance of private companies and the poverty, the misery, the bad livelihood regional racism and the denominationalism insult the person who needs necessary food for his children.
People now are thinking how to afford tomorrow necessary food. In addition to that, they worry how to pay the lease at the end of month. Therefore, crowded thoughts in such person mind, back break him.
We may one day be like uncle Seed. It is the turn which revolves on us a day. We have to wake up and be careful not to water ourselves from same uncle Seed's cup.
On the other hand, we are obliged to have it as we have no way but to face those problems strongly. We are certainly coming to the same arbiter, particularly have, no laws defend our rights because ministry of labor and affairs is still sleeping. He is only a sample for many.
Even though retire employees get simple salary, which is not enough for the lowest need of life. Yet we have to investigate this matter well. Wouldn't uncle Seed calculate his future need well? Or was his future not planned for?
His expectation backfired. He is a victim of his age. We, as a new young generation have to calculate our life well before the axe falls on our heads We never want to be Uncle Saeed.
Otherwise our lives will be worse than his life.