The sustainable failure [Archives:2008/1147/Opinion]

April 17 2008

By: Sami Ghalib
Any sincere effort aimed at alleviating the Arab sufferings in any part of the Arab region is required and appreciated. To save blood of the Palestinian people, the Yemeni leadership made an initiative that won regional and Arab support. Such an initiative is included in the list of successful achievements so far made by this leadership, particularly as Yemen showed a similar position about both conflicting Palestinian movements, blamed for hindering establishment of the independent Palestinian state.

The Yemeni leadership, however, has not proved competent in resolving domestic issues. It awaited for a long time until 'deliverance' came from the Qatari capital city of Doha to end an ongoing domestic war in Yemen's northern province of Sa'ada.

With regard to the issue of South Yemen, the Sana'a-based authority did not exert any effort indicating that it has an effective policy for settling the turmoil in South Yemen and ending unprecedented protests in the southern governorates.

Is the Sana'a-based ruling elite waiting for an initiative from another Gulf capital city to resolve South Yemen's turmoil or is it expecting fragmentation and splits between leaders of South Yemen actions? Governments are not like highwaymen or gamblers in remote islands.

In the whole world, no one can find a responsible government silently watching pressing issues that pose threat to its national security. It is customary for the Yemeni government to practice its usual behavior that is of opening fire on citizens when it is serious to tackle any escalating problems or pressing issues. Having seen that fences or walls of the leaders' palaces and premises of executive bodies in Sana'a and other main cities are getting higher and higher, this doesn't exempt the country rulers from securing citizens' safe living and ensuring social peace.

Once again, the ruling elite confirm that ensuring its stay in power is given precedence over citizens' security. Over the past few weeks, protests in the southern governorates went violent, and were projected to lead to blind violence amid blindness that appeared to be the salient feature of the ruling elite, as well as some opposition leaders.

A few days ago, the one-sided regime used force to crack down on innocent citizens who claim their constitutional and legal rights via peaceful protests. It justified its gamble to the rioting that took place in both cities of Dhale' and Habeelain, and therefore spared no mercy in attacking protestors. The one-sided authority also arrested and detained dozens of innocent citizens in various political security jails in Aden and other cities.

Use of force to crack down on oppressed citizens implies the authority's sustainable failure to utilize lessons from year-long ongoing and escalating protests. It only proves competent in using its security instruments to crack down on protestors but lacks a national political vision to end any turmoil threatening unity and security of the nation.

Source: Al-Nedaa Weekly.