The tragic death of Al-Hakim et al in Najaf:Amidst the fuzziness, some clear signs [Archives:2003/664/Opinion]

September 1 2003

In looking back at the months preceding the callous invasion of the Republic of Iraq (Does the title still stand?), one is bound to recall the many songs that the White House War Office was singing in defense of its latest war mongering effort. The most important of the reasons for going into war have so far proven to be dubious lies that hide a lot of mischief and distort the facts: no more than a pack full of lies and a great insult to the American public's trust in its leadership. Most of the rest of the world had in fact seen that the dubious effort raised more suspicions than common sense and the logical human mind was willing to consume. Yet, the White House has already set its mind on rejecting any pleas for returning to reason and went on its calamitous adventure. When arrogance and chauvinism become the driving force behind any regime, one can only expect the end result to be one nightmare after another.
Yes, nightmares are the great results that the Great Coalition has yielded in Iraq with the Iraqi people not knowing where they are heading and the people of the rest of the world watching trying to determine just what is really at stake in the unwarranted invasion of Iraq. Most people have already forgotten the songs that War Office was bellowing out prior to the invasion, because it is for certain that they are not worth the air eschewed to blare them out. None of the allegations and intentions of the invasion have surfaced and in fact, as time proceeds it seems that everything that the proponents of the war were saying are lies and innuendos, with a clear intent to mislead the public and distort the facts, not to mention the ugly play on sympathies by associating the adventure with the war on terror and the liberation of the Iraqi people.
In addition, if we are to believe that we have to accept the invasion as now being a fait accompli and the clock of time just can't be rolled back, when a monster has set its mind on something and does it, we have to pass judgment on the effectiveness of this callous invasion. What has the invasion produced in Iraq? The picture is clear, that as the invasion continues, the situation in Iraq becomes even more dreadful than anyone could have dreamed of it being even under the “horrible dictatorship” of Saddam Hussein! That is the overwhelming belief of most of the Iraqi people and it seems to be inescapable to the observer, who strenuously looks for a certain light at the end of the tunnel for the Iraqi people to hinge their hopes on for the better. Apparently that light at the end of the tunnel is nowhere near coming into view.
The ugly massacre of Najaf last Friday is an ugly reminder to the observer that the invasion truly brought havoc to the region and that the Zionists are far too entrenched in the American establishment for the world to have any hope that the Americans can ever pursue a genuine goal of world peace and stability. Yes, this right wing Zionist coalition in Washington is unleashing too much havoc to believe that any good intentions are ever being served by their military and political adventures at home and abroad. Even people who have seen some possible hope in maintaining a wait and see attitude towards the American invasion of Iraq – which is really the best that the Americans can ever expect for the hated occupation by the “Coalition” – should not expect to enjoy even to live in peace, let alone see their hopes for a peaceful and prosperous Iraq ever surface. Yes, notwithstanding all of the extenuating circumstances, the massacre would be fully in line with how the Zionist establishment just wants Iraq and every Arab State to be. Let these Arabs slaughter each other and let their resources serve the interests of someone else. That is classic Zionist doctrinaire and anyone who might have any doubts about that should read the Protocols of Zion, and all the other dogmatic references that are the operating manuals of the Ariel Sharon machine that reigns supreme in Tel Aviv and the Bush War Machine in Washington D.C.
There is a high degree of certainty that the go-ahead for the tragic death of a great fighter for the liberation of Iraq, Ayatollah Mohammed Al-Baqir Al-Hakim, must have come from Tel Aviv and the International Zionist establishment, who stand to profit the most from this dangerous turn of events in Iraq. The obvious reasons are that the invasion of Iraq was really meant to “check” the Islamic Republic of Iran, and dilute any efforts to raise another Islamic Republic in Iraq, which was a dreaded fear of Israel. The Israelis know that the only effective Islamic Jihad has only come out of the genuine liberation drives carried out by Shiite Moslems. The Islamic Republic of Iran is a clear example that has shown how sensible advocacy for genuine Islamic causes yields effective results, as shown by the ability of the IRI to survive amidst all the hate unleashed against it, and the ability of Hezbollah to stand one on one against the Israeli menace that has haunted the area for the last eighty years. Thus the death of Al-Hakim was a clear message to Iran that “we are here to keep you on hold” to say the least, if not to also spread the havoc we see in Iraq and Afghanistan to Iran as well. Again, the observer cannot help but imagine further unrest and instability in the region, because the White House War Office is adamant in fulfilling the Sharon vision for the region to the letter so that the entire region becomes a much larger rendition of the Gaza Strip in all its destitute manifestations.