The YSP needs changes [Archives:2005/809/Opinion]

January 20 2005

Adel Mutlak
[email protected]
For the Yemen Times

The Yemeni Socialist Party (YSP) ruled what was called Public Democratic Republic of Yemen (PDRY- South Yemen) after a short period of deadly civil war following independence from the British in 1967.

Throughout its ruling period until the unification in May 1990, YSP went through a number of stages in its development and lifecycle. Some transitional periods were positive and constructive but some were absolutely bloody and negative. For instance, one of many YSP main problems was and still is fracture within its existing high level structure (Political Office) and low level officials, supporters and members.

This fracture was deepened by PDRY most brutal and bloodiest massacre on Jan. 13, 1986. Nineteen years have passed since the massacre which was executed by the exiled Ali Nasser Mohammed, Secretary General of YSP at the time who lives in Damascus Syria at present.

In this massacre, thousands of innocent and Aden most educated people were eradicated for a simple conflict such as disagreement of views/ideologies and due to worship of power and authority.

In my opinion, the YSP blend in Yemen now needs a rapid and immediate change in its existing political office structure. At the moment, some of the existing members of YSP political office regrettably could be called corrupt crooks.

YSP needs to look deeply in its dilemma in order to uncover solutions, and admit any errors. Furthermore, face reality, justify scandals and put a stop to numerous misconducts by its senior officials.

Truthfully, the present scenario of YSP in Yemen is disgraceful by all it means, some members of the existing political office have severely affected the reputation of the party, rather than portraying good examples, with all the respect to those who are truly giving all their efforts and thoughts to the country and party.

As a result, YSP needs new, uncorrupted and clean members to evolve and revolutionize the party to gain a good position in the Yemeni society before it becomes just like a defeated corpse. I guess, only this move can restore the party old respect and values.