There is a weapon behind every calamity [Archives:2007/1094/Opinion]

October 15 2007

Badr Bin Aqil
Today after the end of bloody clashes and political conflicts and under rule of the leader, who achieved reunification, political stability and rapid development, established the democratic system, enhanced respect for human rights and built the state of law and order, it is time to eliminate the phenomenon of the arms bearing and trade. Such a destructive phenomenon should be exterminated in most of the Yemeni governorates by passing firm laws and bylaws and working hard on reinforcing any concerned regulations.

On their part, civil community organizations, religious scholars, educated people and media have to play an important role in increasing awareness about the risks of arms bearing and trade.

According to numerous researches and studies of relevance to the phenomenon, it has been made clear that wherever there is a piece of fire arms, the incidents of murder, kidnapping, assaults on human beings, human rights abuses and intimidation of children are on the rise. We shouldn't forget that wherever people carry fire arms and exercise arm trade without any monitor or observer, the elements of terrorism and vandalism exploit the chance to easily launch inhuman offensives against innocent people.

Yemen, which is now enjoying the National Unity and its blessing, the modern road networks connecting between cities and rural areas and cooperation between natives for enhancing social justice and partnership, no longer needs its citizens to bear arms, it does not need to hear the noise of bullets and quarrels between natives. In Yemen, which occupies a prestigious stage among the world countries, enjoys a distinctive geographic location and has become a destination for attracting foreign tourists and visitors, thanks to its unique history and civilization, we don't expect to realize any gap or space for arm trade. Arm trade and the spread of weapons in any country are responsible for the poor tourism and slow development in that country.

Our beloved country, which has entered a new stage of construction, investment and development in various areas, no longer needs people who carry arms. It needs loyal citizens to bear the hammer of construction and the flag of knowledge and science. Our cities that contain different military, security and civil institutions and installations and private sector companies disgust those who bear arms. Arm bearers are considered irregular individuals and are not eligible to be good citizens in these cities.

The vision of schools, institutes and universities, which are crowded with new promising generations, have the weapon of science ane knowledge. Such vital educational institutions should encourage us to quit the habit of arm bearing and trade. The phenomenon means a trade of death and murder at the expense of our generations and their future. It is a trade of assassinating our sought dreams and hopes. So, why do we behave this way?

No wonder, the phenomenon of arm bearing played a great role in establishing the immortal Revolution of Yemen, helped the nation score great victories and founded the pillars for building the National Unity. But, as the country enjoys the bless of security, stability and prosperity, it is time for us to think about using other types of arms, which are more useful and feasible. These are the arms of hard work, science, construction and development. It is time for the laws concerned with restricting arms bearing and trade to be placed in effect and passed on everyone without any exception. It is time for us to see Yemen free of any weapons except the ones owned by the state and the military and security authorities.

Source: Al-Thawra State-run Daily