This is why we hate the USA [Archives:2003/680/Opinion]

October 27 2003

By Abdulrahman Hezam
Punjab, India
[email protected]

I write this letter in response to Mr. Pete M.'s letter entitled “Why do Arabs hate the USA?” First, I would like to express my happiness that at least some Americans are asking this question because the answer they will find will make them question their government' actions before they put the blame on us. Any one who objectively observes the US policies and the way Arabs are portrayed in American media, Hollywood movies, and literature even before the 9/11 will ask “why Americans dislike the Arabs?” The blind support of America to Israel is another evidence of this hate. We are not asking for supporting us against Israel but to do justice to the suffering Palestinian people, they should not be so biased to Israel.
The way your administration views the Israeli-Arab conflict makes us feel that you do not consider us human beings with feelings like you. How do you want us to react to the crimes committed by Israel with American approval and weapons and then protect Israel from the simplest condemnation using US Veto? How will you react if the Russians invaded California simply because the Russian President does not like Arnold, the new governor? Sometimes I feel pity for the ordinary Americans because they are manipulated by their politicians and they seem very busy to critically examine everything that is said in their media. You rightly say that the Iraqis were not given the truth by the last regime and that we in this part of the world have no access to the truth but now we know what is going in Iraq better than you do. You have no access to what is really going on here in the Middle East and the feeling here is that you are ruled by the Zionists who have the upper hand in your foreign policy.
We want to reach to you to make you listen to our complaints, to make you understand that we are human of flesh and blood just like you. Do not believe your administration when it says that this war against so-called terrorism is between civilized and uncivilized, or between good and evil. It is this kind of rhetoric expressions used by your administration and Osama bin Laden that is creating this gap between us. How can we believe that this administration is spreading democracy in the region while it has double-standards in dealing with Palestinians and Israelis? Does your democracy tell you that killing the Palestinians is an act of self-defense while killing Israelis is terrorism? I do not support killing civilians but we must apply this to all parties equally.
In conclusion, let me tell you that solving the Palestinian issue in a just way will be a victory against terrorism more than killing the innocent Iraqis who are facing invaders thirsty for their oil. Sending international peacekeepers to the West bank and Gaza will be a great act that would save lives of both sides and will be much better than asking for troops to help the oil companies of Cheney and Rumsfeld secure huge contracts and greater wealth. You have to review your attitude towards us and answer the question on why you dislike us before you asking why we hate the USA.