This nation should have at least a wise man [Archives:2008/1139/Opinion]

March 20 2008

By: Khalid Yahya
[email protected]

I think that it is enough for Yemen to tolerate the ongoing fighting in Sa'ada that has not ended until the movement. Only God knows how the aftermath will look like in this plighted country, remarkably as political congestions in the south keep on escalating, and therefore are projected to take Yemen into an unprecedented dilemma. Oppressive citizens in the southern governorates are proceeding toward a mutiny unless this country has a wise man to prevent the situation from worsening.

The ruling party seems to be living its last but one political stage. It is the stage of political isolation due to be immediately followed by the stage of collapse or fall. The party's search for new allies to replace its allies of the past, who cut their relation with the party, having observed that it lacks prudence, is impossible to reach fruitful results.

It is impossible to ignore or underestimate the nationwide consensus rejecting the ruling party's policies that do nothing for the community except for generating dire situations and poor living standards. Today, Yemen is hastily progressing toward the unknown while government dignitaries are extremely engaged in securing their interests and preparing for their sons to replace them.

If we don't come together to protect our rights and freedoms and defend the oppressed citizens – mainly those of the southern governorates – not only unity will be risked, but the Revolution and any other national achievements may not escape the potential risk. Our homeland is in an urgent need for a national rescue program to end the escalating congestions and turmoil, even through the involvement of Arab and international parties. To maintain the national unity, this program should be applied. Calming voices of the oppressed and backing an imprudent authority that spoiled every beauteous thing can not be a solution to the escalating turmoil.

In order to end the country's plight, we should not be blinded against the injustice and oppression practiced on citizens under the guise of protecting the national unity. Rescuing the county from the current turmoil necessitates holding the standing authority accountable for its poor polices.

We support the authority in case it is on the right path, but we don't tolerate they way it uses 'the unity' as an umbrella to blind us against any mistakes made by the government or the ruling party. We don't support having the unity as an umbrella for influential officials to plunder lands, embezzle public funds, and intimidate people, prevent them to practice their political rights or accuse them of secession, extremism or terrorism.

The authority is recommended to eliminate the bad consequences left by the 1994 War, refer corrupt officials to court to be tried over their irresponsible behavior, reform the election system, ensure that judiciary, media and army are neutral and independent, cease price doses and eradicate poverty and unemployment. It is also advised to create more job opportunities, and negotiate with retirees and resolve their issues.

In addition, the government should understand well that people may no longer tolerate its poor policies. It has to learn that people are ready to sacrifice all what they have to get rid of the dire situation. We want to see the government behaving wisely and logically, even for one time, while dealing with any national issues.