To Arabs and Muslims:There is a new Superman & a Batman [Archives:2003/673/Opinion]

October 2 2003

By Bakr Hamud Aljunaid
[email protected]
For the Yemen Times

First of all I am so sorry for all who read my article which was published on Mon, 11 Aug. 2003 and I didn't respond to them especially the speaker of White House and Byron Allen from Houston, Texas. I read their Emails with interest for who agreed or disagreed with me but I want to say something to Mr. Byron Allen who criticized Arabs and Muslims including Yemen as he said that Yemen allowed the butchering of thousands of Arab brothers in Iraq and did nothing and my “Peace” means death to thousands. He also said that Saddam was a dangerous butcher and I did nothing to him. You told me also to look at the wealthy Saudi Nationals who live like kings and do nothing to help their Arab brother. I don't know really what mind do you have and how you are thinking and which media do you hear or watch and which school did you study? I will respond to all your points. First when you want to speak or write about Yemen or Saudi Arabia you must to know you are speaking about the mother of history and civilization not about the United States of America which was established 400 years ago. So you must be on guard before uttering a single word. We and the whole world know our President is the best one in his policy, administration and struggle against terrorism. He is from Yemen, the wise and peace country. You also mentioned something laughable I quote:
“The US has invaded other countries before, but who runs those countries now? Where are the us troops in Panama, Haiti etc… Before you start blaming the US ,you need to take a good look around the Middle East and clean your own house first.”
Dear, it is not of your or your country's business to interfere in or poke your nose into other countries affairs. I don't know who appointed America as a policeman or a watchman or a new superman of the world. Do you think the United States a superpower, and its president a superman who is controlled by a Batman (Sharon)?
As far as I know Superman protects the world, he doesn't destroy it but Bush (Superman) and Sharon (Batman) destroyed it.
We know that you went out from the countries you invaded but by force what I mean you escaped from there as you will escape from Iraq because Iraq will not let you stay there.
Where are you from Israel government and its prime minister Ariel Sharon ,a man with proven history of massacring civilians, and who even Israel held him responsible for the cold-blooded murder of 2000 people at the Sabra and Shatela refugee Camps in Lebanon? Don't you think that the attack on September 11 was certainly not about people hating your freedom or your country? It was purely in response to America's policy; and it was primarily about your financial and military support for Israel. I don't know what does terrorism mean to you? I think you and your government must reconsider and re-examine your policy towards the Mildest.
I really laughed when you said that we have to clean our own house first before blaming the US, OK just get out and go out from all the Arab and Islamic lands and we will be very very very cleaned or we will be unclean.
Now I will move to send a letter to all Muslims to say that:-
World affairs are a dirty game, and the players are almost Satans who only think of at all costs. The Muslims must begin by realizing this.
The Muslims have found the West the biggest problem in their affairs ever since the West moved into the Muslims World over two hundred years ago. But the problem posed by the West has always been the fact that they are more powerful than the Muslims. Many Muslims imagine the West to be superior. But it would be hard to name anything in which they are superior, except for power. The life Westerners lead is dull and boring, and all complain of boredom and depression. But the power edge is real.
Now power is the key to world affairs. They will treat you decently as long as you are strong. The Satans will respect you only if you can punish them in this world, and that means power.
Moral appeal to the West is a complete waste of time. Suffering means nothing to them, unless the suffering has power. And this brings me to the question of Israel.
Many Muslims make heart-rending appeals to the West because of the terrible treatment of the Palestinians. But these appeals get no where.
But the question of power in relation to Israel should be carefully analyzed.
Many Muslims and many governments of the Muslim countries try to argue that the Jews in Israel would be easily beaten, if only the West did not back them. We cannot beat Israel, they say, because to fight Israel is to fight America, Britain, France, Germany and all of Europe. These Muslims then produce stories that Jews run the West in some kind of sinister plot.
The truth is very different. The Jews in Europe and America are extremely unpopular. They have always been close to being persecuted, and have suffered terrible persecutions in this country. It was because of this unpopularity that they established Israel, so as to have somewhere to hide.
And Israel has survived, not because of Western help, but because the governments of the Muslim World are so useless, incompetent and cowardly.
The fact is that two or three million Jews have humiliated hundreds of millions of Muslims, because the leaders of the Muslims have been unable to fight, but also unwilling to fight. Israel in 1948 was opposed by Britain, and given no help by America, and supplied with a Nasser only challenged the West to get aid for himself. In 1967 the Arabs never wanted to fight, and just got involved by mistake, and because the Israelis knew they could win in six days. Sadat fought in 1973 to be able to surrender in 1978. Ali Abdullah Saleh the only one who speaks freely without any fear and he does not care about any one when he wants to gave his opinion ..So we really are proud of him as president of Yemen. We do not have any brave and wise president but him.
My readers may point to the huge supplies of arms provided by the Americans to Israel. But these arms were supplied, not to fight the Arabs, but to fight the challenge of Russia. The Russians got the Arabs to do their dirty work for them, and so the Americans replied by arming Israel. And the Russian always stopped the Arab governments from going too far, and always withheld the weapons that could have beaten Israel, and, finally, in 1982, did nothing during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon.
And the Arab leaders always knew that they were never really going to challenge Israel. And they don't want to challenge Israel.
Saddam Hussein proves my point. He makes huge noises about fighting Israel. But then he actually threatens an Arab neighbor.
Israel, alone, can beat the Arabs, because the leaders don't want to fight.
And they don't want to fight because they are all pro-West. They want to build Western societies, in which Islam will just be a decoration, something picturesque to show the Western tourists.
So the biggest problem is the ideological power of the West. Power is more than guns, and more than money. Power is ideas, and the leaders of the Muslim countries think that the West has all the best ideas.
They won't fight Israel because they want to build a society which would resemble Israel in every respect, because Israel is a little bit of Europe they admire so much and wish to imitate.
But there is one aspect of Israel they don't want to imitate. Israel is a state founded on religion. Religion is the key to Israel citizenship and Israeli life.
To really imitate Israel, the leaders of the Muslim countries would have to center their societies on religion, and that means Islam! But they will not do that. They imagine Islam is irrelevant to the question of power.
But Islam is the key to the power. Islam would give the societies of the Muslim World a real reason for pride and patriotism, a real reason to build. Islam would also destroy the ideological power of the West, so that leaders were not paralyzed when confronting the West. And Islam would give the Muslim people something to fight for so they would no longer be a sleeping giant, betrayed by useless pro-western leaderships.
The world is ruled by power. The Satans only understand power. The real key is the key to their power. In history Islam was always the key that unlocked Muslim strength. Islam is the only source of power for Muslims.