Too much TVThe Arab anesthetization [Archives:2005/816/Opinion]

February 14 2005


By Yahya Al-Olfi
[email protected]

The countdown resumes as MBC “1” has launched its fourth free channel “4” with its series of news from America's CBS and ABC broadcasting corporations throughout the day resuming till midnight with drama, reality TV, comedy and celebrity news for many to enjoy.

Well, the good news is that it's working just as it did two years ago with their 2 channel which is now a movie channel with its non-stop films- Keep on rolling folks! But the bad news is “What's next?”

For the MBC (Middle Eastern Broadcasting Corporation) it is truthfully felt that they really did succeed with the “2” channel, two years ago. But was it wise and necessary to launch a third channel “3” for kids in most cases diverting them from their homework? And a fourth one which was absolutely unnecessary as all the drama, comedy and celebrity news were broadcasted on “2”?

For most of us it's like deleting dessert off a menu as all the latter blended with the films on “2”making it quite appetizing and desirable. But now we're going to be torn apart between the two of them: Which, why, and when.

Apart from the wise decision to air America's news broadcast it is just too much, too many and although we can never forget the undeniable success of MBC1 in its past it is only too fair to admit that it has lost its significance between the three channels making it the least watched channel making “2” and “4” the most watched and no doubt the kids would love MBC 3 as it has proved a real challenge to Bahrain's “Space Toon”.

Is it “War of the Channels” within the Arab Nation?

Unfortunately, it is a thing most of us are aware of, but can't stop, because of the addiction, and there is no denying that we all love TV and if we can't watch it we still need it, a necessity a part of our bondage as a community and a nation and some do go along by the proverb “Know thy enemy” and learn the way of the west to their own interest.

As we are forced to watch TV, it is only wise to take the good and leave the bad not forgetting we have lives to lead and we should all learn so as not to make further mistakes in the future.