Trial and error superpower management [Archives:2004/736/Opinion]

May 10 2004

Ever since George W. Bush took over the White House in a highly disputable close election, to which the results will remain under doubt for generations to come, the United States was heralded away from any predictable course and set upon an uncertain path. Moreover, the Bush Administration decided to embark on an ultra right wing experimentation path that was bound to lead to unforeseeable results, with negative repercussions felt almost throughout the world. On the other hand, the President seemed aloof from all that was going on underneath his Presidential facade, and it was obvious that his actual role in the developments in his country were fast veering away from the sensible course that his predecessor has methodically and competently put most of the intertwining institutions of government and non-government on, while his leadership role began to take on a more ceremonial trait, rather than an effective executive one. Thus the underlings that have crept up to the leading executive and policy making positions in his Administration managed to set in their own agendas, policies, and even ulterior motives, while he failed to realize that over time his attention seems to be ot focus only on solidifying the political grounds that will insure his reelection. This he believed could only be done by allowing this total freedom for the Cheney gang, who have become so well entrenched that this mob of opportunists set in their desired settings for managing the state of affairs in the United States, without being subject to any real oversight by the President or without having to feel being subjected to any government scrutiny or watchdog monitoring and assessment. Thus, government in the United States became a situation where trial and error took the place of solid planning and evaluation of expected outcomes and certainly without regard to such important considerations such as fiscal impacts and the effects on the welfare of those Americans, who carry little weight in the political considerations that drive right wing dogmatists these days. Moreover, with the right wing well entrenched in the media channels and thanks to the misguided coziness with the International Zionist Establishment, the Bushies felt at ease with directing the US government to pursue their random and chaotic management of affairs of state of the only Superpower on earth. The result is that the Bushies (with Bush really only contributing his name) have dragged the United States into a senseless expensive war in Iraq and an uncompleted one in Afghanistan, that fills the coffers of the large corporate elite in the military industrial complex, whose masters do not have to worry about contributing to meeting the costs. Bush has minimized the tax obligations of the rich to peanuts. In fact, the Bush war mongers have no qualms about such matters as adhering to the very budgets they draw up. After all, they can count on their fellow Republicans in Congress to foot up any “unforeseen” additional expenditures the corporate clients of the Bushies will require to carry out their contracts with the Pentagon, either from the budget or from outside the budget! They can't leave their strip-tease artists in Iraq without any cash. That was how a Republican Congressman almost put it. In fact, congressmen have told Bush before that he should really ask for more money to make sure that all his contingencies are met in advance. Forget about fiscal control in such a haywire government, because all this waste of public funds is for the defense of America's security and for the fight against WMD and terrorism. Never mind that crime has substantially gone up in the United States over the last three years, because the only security threat facing America is from those who pray facing Mecca, while American criminals are exempt from any Bush Administration concern. Even “white collar” crimes have become rampant as every wily corporate executive finds it lucrative to enjoy the laissez-faire attitude of the Bushies towards business and thus direct their intelligence towards finding ways to scoop up as much illicit funds as their demonic instincts could lead them to. Who cares about the rights of shareholders or bank depositors these days!
So what if Mr. Bush did “not know” about the ugly humiliating tortures that were occurring at Abu Ghreib and tens of other overstuffed prisons, that were randomly filled by any streetwalker in Baghdad, who arose the suspicion of frightened American combatants just waiting for the next suicide bomber to strike near them? To them all Iraqis are not “just like Americans”, as Bush, the conqueror was explaining to the Iraqis and their fellow Arabs on Arab Television about the great deliveries they should expect from the American occupation over the next few years. Never mind that over 70% of the Iraqis, according to recent polls, want the Americans out immediately and never mind that these people expected at least an apology for the barbarity that Iraqis are being subjected to in and out of prison (90% of the hundreds of fatalities in Falluja were innocent civilians). No, Mr. Bush insisted that the Iraqis should be grateful for the great improvements they are witnessing to the days of Saddam Hussein. He forgot that as mean as Saddam was, he still did not relish going after the genitalia of his people; there are no red lines to worry about crossing in American prison camps, because intelligence is now contracted out to sadistic women, who have an infatuation with comparing the genital wares of their helpless captives.
But, Mr. Bush did not know anything about this before, so he took his Defense Secretary for some tough talk. Hogwash, says the Red Cross. They have been putting the White House on notice for some time that the prison system in Iraq is far below acceptable standards, with disgraceful behavior not an exception but a common rule of American captivity. Who cares what the Red Cross says, since they are not Baptists or Jewish, what weight does their word have in the next elections? What does the Red Cross have to tell Bush anyway? He does not care about the hundreds of Americans that are dying in Iraq, let alone about some “isolated cases of torture” on mostly innocent people waiting the great tide of fortune that comes with American imperialism. No, they said these are not casualties from Iraq but dead astronauts!
All of this is just a sampling of the kind of nonsense that has dominated the logic of the Bush Presidency and all in the name of trial and error government, where error has far more prevalence and the endless trials simply suit the horde of exploiters that have come to hop along on the Bush bandwagon to rapid sleazy wealth rather well.