True meaning of our revolution [Archives:2005/882/Opinion]

October 3 2005

When one speaks of revolution, he means those who shed their blood for a decent life for all. Revolution is often the final word when injustice prevails.

A revolution won't be successful if the revolutionaries forget to introduce two things; one of these is a program or principals which the leaders should adopt and abide by ; and the other thing is the public back up for these principals.

When again these principals re buried again, the accumulation of rage won't wait for long when the enchanter will drink from the same cup of poison that he prepared . Those who have witnessed the revolution will certainly be longing to achieve the aim for which they have dearly sacrificed.

This could be realized by what happened on the 26th of September, when the people were moved by their sufferings from poverty literacy and enslavement. They were sure that the revolution will rid them of all these ailments.

Now after 42 years, the revolution is a moribund and nails are being driven in its coffin. This is the same scenario of what happened in the post revolutionary days when it was re stored by Leader Alhamdi again in the famous 13 June movement. It was deviated for the next time after the assassination of Alhamdi. Alhamdi endeavored to give a true meaning for the revolution which all people tasted.

I am not an Imamist nor am I against revolution. And one can't deny the revolution achievements, but one feels that what is achieved is not in the least equal to the sacrifices. We are still boastful of the decrease of illiteracy when it is still at the rate of 64%.The revolution aims were applied in a negative manner. In stead of being at the top of the globalization and technology revolution, we are staggering far behind.

The revolution is deviated in order to be an annual anniversary for merriments, songs and dances in addition to flashlights on official establishments' gates. Happiness will end with the sun set of the celebration day. Coercive happiness can't be an alternative to make the people forget the Imam's atrocities.

Revolution is transferred to an anniversary in which the president gives a speech of its greatness, with a surprise to people by amnesty resolutions. This year is marked by the compensation of Imam Hamidedeen's Family. Regardless of the source of these possessions, these compensations would have been more logical if they were given to those whose belongings and houses were destroyed in Sa'ada war.

A question arises concerning those who were involved in 1987 events; why weren't they pardoned so that they could be able to return from their long exile? The cases of Alzindania and Almoyad also needs to be addressed more earnestly because it is not enough to submit a petition to the American embassy to lift Alzindani's name from the list of terrorism financers.

All these matters should have been tackled in a different manner instead of compensating persons whose ownership for the things they are compensated for is debatable. It is time for the slogans that are often voiced in occasions to be implemented for instance (no for corruption), needs to exactly say, that is to blame. We need action, we have enough surprises.