Twisted opinion makers [Archives:2005/867/Opinion]

August 11 2005

Many times has this observer found many writers and proponents of ideas that tend to deviate from standard human inclinations faithful to their convictions all right, but really poor judges of human intellect and subversive to anyone in disagreement with them. This is not to mention their insistence that their arguments are absolute and not subject to any compromise. I will start with the article, which was reproduced in the Yemen Times (865), written by Mathias Doepfner, a German media group CEO, under the title of “Europe, Thy Name is Cowardice”. The strong inclination to the right of the political spectrum was obvious, but the more obvious is the inference that Islam and “Islamists” are the danger of all dangers to Europe and Western civilization, and the author sees any suggestion of acceptance or “tolerance” of even European Islamic communities as the beginning of Armageddon.

The cute thing about most writers of this persuasion is how they will insist that a historical dissertation of some sorts will shed light on the themes they are conveying. As usual, the author will not get to the idea or objective being delivered by the article until he has exhausted all major events of history that would lay the foundation stone for the climatic point the author wants everybody to comprehend. So in this article, Doepfner gives a very long recounting of what he perceives as the record of appeasements that Europe has succumbed to over the years paying a dearly price thereafter. Starting from Neville Chamberlain's appeasement to Hitler in World War II which “cost millions of Jews and non-Jews their lives”, up to what he considers as European “countenance” of suicide bombings in Israel by fundamentalist Palestinians. He also threw in the appeasement to the Communists (without noting that the US was the viable force that conceded to this) after World War II by letting the Soviets take over Europe. He also went on to mention the appeasement of Europe to the “massacres in Bosnia and Kosovo”, but again we are not enlightened as to the ethnicity of the victims (since they were mostly of the category of “non-Jews”). . The key here is that the Americans eventually did the work “for the Europeans”, to substantiate his approval of American actions in later challenges to the hypocrisy that Europe has become characterized with. Note that the beginning appeasement entailed the death of millions of Jews. The final “appeasement” was reserved to the Palestinian suicide bombings against “Israelis”. But wait folks the appeasement of appeasements has yet to be revealed: the real “particularly grotesque form of appeasement is Germany reacting to the escalating violence by Islamic fundamentalists in Holland, Britain and elsewhere in Europe by suggesting – wait for it – that the proper response to such barbarism is to initiate a 'Muslim holiday” in Germany”. Brace yourself, this is the appeasement that will bring on the destruction of the world. A Moslem holiday in Germany. Moslems, says Doepfner are an “enemy that cannot be tamed by 'tolerance” and “accommodation”. To emphasize his goodness only comes from right wingers, even in America, the stalwart opponent of European appeasement, reminds us that “only two Americans President have had the courage to shun appeasement, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush”. Never mind that it was William Clinton, who really knew how to deal with appeasement to genocide perpetrators in the 1990s by a smoothly conducted military and political operation that ended the genocide in Bosnia and Kosovo. I am not sure if the irrelevance of such a magnificent operation to Doepfner was due to Clinton being of a liberal persuasion or that the victims saved were Moslems.

The German suggestion, as the author sees it, will undermine the challenge brought on by the “conflict that will most likely last longer than any of the great military clashes of the last century”. There you have it folks, these people are vent on an endless war against the “crusade” of the Moslem fundamentalists. The only hope we have is therefore Israel and the United States, who would never dream of acquiescing to such horrific ideas as a “Moslem” holiday on their turf.

The second item is a letter I received, supposedly a “reader's feedback” by a Mr. Dan Wilson (who frankly I am not sure is a genuine person or one of the many writers of dubious letters the YT has received whose writers are untraceable) on the Common Sense article on the sentence meted out to Mohammed Ali Al-Moayyad in Brooklyn, New York. The arguments against my comments were not the work of a normal reader, but an obvious institutional response by a Pro-Zionist group somewhere in this world. The letter went into a long historical dissertation about the history of Israel and the evil of the Arabs and Palestinians from 1948 to this day against the State of Israel. Even Rachel Corrie was not to be spared the venomous hate rhetoric that often reveals the real inert prejudices and unperturbed biases of Zionist supporters: “Then you mentioned Rachel Corrie.

Rachel Corrie defended houses that were used as underground tunnels to smuggle bombs to these houses. Then the Pals (Palestinians) could send women strapped with bombs from Gaza to blow up Israeli hospitals”. Can you imagine someone saying that Rachel Corrie deserved what she got, for standing up in a civilized non-violent manner to Israeli violations of human rights? That is what this amounts to.

Then there were the “five captured Israelis by the FBI, having a dancing party across the Hudson River as the World Trade Center was coming down. Here is the reawakening of my forgetfulness: “Haha, you have 5 people.

Did you forget that it was Arab terrorists who destroyed the World Trade Center.” In other words, so what if five Israelis are celebrating the event the question wasn't that it was unusual that this would be cause for celebration by Mossad agents!

On the Security wall, Dan Wilson states:

You say, This security wall, someone should tell the judge has dislocated thousands of people and rendered them homeless. (He omitted this: This security wall has divided even families and prevents them from ever coming together, even on holidays. This security wall has forced children to have to travel 3 to 5 hours to schools that used to take them minutes to reach from their homes. This security wall has ended the means of sustenance for thousands of Palestinians whose farms have been removed from the face of the earth with all their trees and groves.) But went on to comment:

“Its a wall which separates Arab mass murderers from the Jews they want to murder. It also prevents the Arabs from getting their 72 virgins.”

The rest of the letter was full of diatribes and hate filled rhetoric on the Palestinians.