Two blows for the Neo-cons and Zionists [Archives:2006/1007/Opinion]

December 14 2006

Last week saw two important developments in the United States that are worthy of recognition by the observers of the Washington-Middle East scene. The two events are somewhat related in that they are a clear indication of a change in direction of American policy trends, at least from a documentary dimension.

The first event is the James Baker-Lee Hamilton Iraq Study Group Report, which clearly shows that American policy in Iraq has been a total waste of vast human and material resources, energy and time, since the Bush Administration goaded the United States into a senseless military and diplomatic adventure, that could prove to be the most disastrous pursuit of any American Administration to date, in terms of international ramifications and the peace and stability of the entire Middle East, not to mention the calamitous situation it unraveled in Iraq. While not saying directly as such, the Baker-Hamilton Report and recommendations seek to find a face saving way out for a loosing Republican Party that has apparently lost the faith and confidence it once swindled out to the American people. The report presented the real facts on the grounds as far as Hamilton could put together, without even having a chance to leave the safety of the protected “Green Zone” of Baghdad (one wonders why all of Iraq could not be made into a Green Zone), as both co-chairmen admitted in and interview with David Frost for the Al-Jazeera International. One wonders what would have been their prognosis if they had witnessed the tragedy they projected in their report in real life: the mass slaughter that has become the common daily scene of Iraq with an average of 120 to 150 people killed over the last couple of months, mostly innocent civilian victims. Nevertheless, it is an important document for the American people to realize that through the past five years their leaders have actually been misleading them and mismanaging the affairs of state, and are still trying to continue to do so, especially in the international theater. While the report did not implicate any persons responsible for the horrible situation that the George W. Bush Administration policy in Iraq has created, it did imply that the situation came about by wrong policies, wrong strategies and wrong tactics, no matter how one looks at the Iraq situation. What is astonishing is that President Bush still makes out that the report will have no significant bearing on “getting the mission done” and thus observers wonder what will it take to awaken the president to the reality of his own fumbling? Apparently, the president fails to see the extent to which Zionist supporters in the U.S. have brought great harm to the American people and it is about time that someone points this out to them, even if in a rather subtle manner.

The second development is the recently issued book of former President Jimmy Carter on the tragic plight of the Palestinians under one of the worst alien occupations of modern times. Surely, this would be the biggest blow to the Zionist lobby in the U.S. that equals in magnitude the more subtle tone of Walt-Mearshiemer Study, issued earlier this year. The book proved to be so shocking to the proponents of Israel in America, that they worked diligently to minimize the publicity the book would receive in the American media and, on the other hand, sought to even ridicule the highly morally inclined former president, who has apparently shown that he is guided by sincere religious convictions driven by conscientiousness of the immorality of human suffering, even if such suffering is clouded by misguided religious beliefs – the backbone of the Zionist movement and more recently by Christian evangelism, both of which forget that the essence of religion is to relieve mankind of oppression and pain inflicted by other men, even if in the name of God. Surely, Carter was fully aware of the undue disrespect and discrediting that the Israel Lobby in the U.S. was to unleash as a result of equating the horrendous mistreatment that the Palestinians are faring under the Israeli occupation, which Carter viewed as surpassing the segregation policies of the former apartheid government of South Africa. But what can one expect from the Zionist State that was very chummy with the latter and went on to assist Serbia in their humanitarian calamity in the Balkans, by providing the arms and the “technical expertise” that gave the Serbs an outstanding record of manifested hatred of human beings on other human on the grounds of ethnic or religious association – an ongoing trait of Zionist policy and tactics in the Holy Land, for which the Americans have been giving their wholehearted blessings, knowingly or unknowingly, intentionally or unintentionally. But as history has proven, human beings are bound to seek out the truth and seek out ways to insure that misdeeds against mankind do not prevail forever.

Carter is to be applauded for his courage and sincere devotion to the moral foundations, upon which true faith in God is rightly built upon. The attempt to turn the social progress that man has achieved was bound to meet its doom, since it went against the time clock of human development.

Hassan Al-Haifi has been a Yemeni political economist and journalist for more than 20 years.