Unanswered questions awaken American conscience [Archives:2003/650/Opinion]

July 14 2003

As much as the Bush Administration tries to project genuine sincerity and exaggerated self-confidence, there is rising skepticism as to all the questionable directions that the administration has oriented the course of US foreign policy on, in particular and overall methodology for conducting the affairs of state for the most powerful nation on earth today. This skepticism is further warranted by the obvious lack of credibility, both in terms of its historic claims and innuendos and in the ability to successfully conduct affairs of state with a view towards projecting a real sense of national responsibility and international moral conscientiousness.
On the other hand, this administration, almost from the start was plagued by bizarre events, for which it neither could produce answers, which can be swallowed, or assure the American people and the world community, that such events are clearly under control of the appropriate government agency and are brought within manageable context. We understand that to this day, the horrible and tragic events of 9/11, despite the unsubstantiated reassurances of “everything under control” and the high price wanted tags, are immersed in a lot of doubt and questionable responsive action, with the American people subject to a lot of calculated deception and misinformation. We also know that this deception and misinformation is obviously geared to create within the American patriotic mindset a sense of racial and ethnic color to foreign policy, which unfortunately drives on chauvinism and arrogance, substantiated only by the brute force of superpower military might. His is in addition to a total rejection of all the international protocols and even national regulations that have been put in place to check against such misguides use of power. This can only lead to the assumption that there are indeed dangerous forces at play in determining these directions, and setting the course of superpower hegemony, with a view towards serving narrow minded interests. These narrow minded power centers have found comfortable niches within an administration that has adopted a platform of evangelical war-mongering and the insistence that might makes right, notwithstanding all the intellectual and cultural developments man has arrived to that have sought to ensure that the world should be guided by social consciousness and a drive towards cohesion of all international interaction with a view towards the establishment of peace and social equity among all nations and peoples of the world.
What is regrettable and obviously dangerous is that such a self-centered course not only provides a comfortable ground base for chaos to prevail on an international plane, but also provides the roots of confusion within American society. Understandably, Americans are now beginning to demand that their leadership needs to be brought into account for such irresponsible behavior and waste of their hard earned taxes on baseless military adventures justified by wishy-washy grounds that are puzzling, even to those with the minimum degree of analytical intellect. Moreover erratic responses based on a sense of magnanimity and arrogant “you are with us or against us – terrorists” mentality surely contradicts much of what America stands for, let alone the justice which most rational human beings throughout the world aspire for and seek to have the United States uphold.
From the outset, many people have tried to bring sense back into American foreign policy, not only within the United States, simply because it was clear that the Administration has fallen into the trap of diehard proponents of narrow-minded interests that have their comfortable niches within it. Even with the questionable policies that these proponents have managed to instill as ground rules for the Administration to operate by, and notwithstanding the obvious conflicts of interests associated with these proponents that have evidently been disclosed in one form or another, they are still able to pursue their dangerous designs, playing on the tickled patriotic emotions of the American constituency and the fait accompli, which the rest of the world must succumb to, by the rule of might makes right.
Notwithstanding all the above, we are gladly beginning to see Americans, who are truly driven by conscience and a sense of moral affinity, raise their voices high and seek answers to an erroneous rendition of American principles. Moreover, the Administration's lack of responsiveness to investigations by the public and even the official agencies and commissions set up to reveal to the American people the truth about the misguided course the Bush Administration has decided to trod on (which even former American Presidents have come to doubt) are obviously raising eyebrows within the American press and the institutions that are set up to ensure sound management of affairs of state in the United States. We applaud these developments and are comforted that indeed all is not lost in the United States.