Uncle Sam & ‘Union of Strength’ [Archives:2004/704/Opinion]

January 19 2004

Barkatullah Marwat
[email protected]

“Union is strength” is an old story having been taught to us at school and punished those students who failed to learn it by heart. Let me refer it to the unity of West against East on the pretext of war on terrorism. In fact, those Eastern countries that were firing in the air, pretending to be harassing the West finally surrendered. For example, Iran has principally agreed to do whatever it is asked for. Likewise, Libya also followed the same path. While India and Pakistan seem to have to stand united to fight off the undue pressure by Uncle Sam for signing the NPT and dismantling their decades -long nuke programme.
But in the entire episode I believe it's North Korea that is feeling itself quite insecure and keeps assuring of halting its nuke programme as well as allowing IAEA watchdog for thorough inspection. But I think it miserably failed to strike the opportunity at right time. Because it was the right moment when Uncle Sam asked North Korea to cooperate with IAEA but the latter flatly refused, giving threats of hitting the former's interests around the globe. Yes, that time it earned a big clap, but now? Why is it offering unconditional inspection? Where have its so-called threats gone? Surely, those who had admired its boldness are now laughing at its cowardliness.
Let's see what happens next to the 'axis of evil' termed by the Uncle Sam.