Under the guise of fighting terrorism [Archives:2008/1129/Opinion]

February 14 2008

Ali Al-Was'ei
The Crusade America decided to launch a war on Islam, however, it invents fabricated justifications for what it alleges. In fighting terrorism, it has found a strong justification, notably after the 9/11 Terrorist Attack on the world's superpower. Undoubtedly, that attack was plotted by it or its staunch ally, Israel, in order to renew a strong pretext for its wrong and detestable policies targeting Muslims in different parts of the world.

All such functions and events, which take place in more than one place in the world, protest against the U.S. Administration and denounce its unjust policies that oppress innocent peoples and nations. America is still waging a crusade war against Muslims and turns to use the term “fighting terrorism” as a cover for its crimes against humanity. If non-Muslims believe in what they say, it is marvelous for the statement to apply to those claiming to be Muslims.

The crusade wars that erupted after the 10th Century and discussed by great historians are futile if compared to the present time crusade wars. In the past, battles used to take place between two armies in which one wins and the other loses, and when another war occurs, the loser wins while the winner loses. All these are ordinary wars that used to break out from time to time. On the contrary, the present time's crusade wars are crushing and annihilative since they annihilate peoples and destroy states, as well as eliminate every alive and static thing in any targeted territory.

Where is Afghanistan and what happened to Iraq? The crusaders deposed the true regimes of both countries and brought groups of traitors to behave according to their interests. I don't know weather those, who collaborate with the U.S. and pride themselves for being partners in the US-led war on terrorism, have understood and realized the threat posed by the Zionist Movement. I advise them that it is time for them to fight the U.S., and its injustice and oppression, and having done so, I assure them that terrorism will disappear.

I don't know how long the crusade war will continue, particularly as obedient leaders of several Muslim and non-Muslim countries support what is wrong and back the crusade oppression practiced by crusaders who have no mercy on Muslims. I advise the Arab and Muslim leaders to contemplate on what is happening in Palestine and check whether the crusaders sympathize with innocent women and children, particularly after the whole world strongly denounced what is taking place in Gazza. We have to admit that the crusade enemy creates a hurdle to any humanitarian efforts that usually follows any worldwide condemnation of the Zionist aggression and crimes against humanity.

The Bush administration has been fervently fighting “terrorism,” Israel has been remarkably effective in drawing non-existent parallels that serve Zionist purposes. Following the 11 September attacks, Israel was the first state to compare the resistance to its aggression with the attacks on the World Trade Center by equating the number of American victims to Israeli deaths.

After the United States toppled the Taliban government and raided suspected Al-Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan, Israel tightened its chokehold on the Palestinian territories, and invaded Palestinian population centers for the first time since the negotiated withdrawal.

After President George W. Bush declared war on Iraq and began hunting down Saddam Hussein, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon accelerated illegal targeted assassinations against supposed terrorist leaders. Both leaders have in common the fact that their victims never stood before a court of justice, but rather faced a barrage of accusations based on a cloud of “classified” intelligence gathered by secret, usually biased sources.

Later on, the United States turned its attention towards Syria. Bush publicly warned Syria of its alleged harboring of terrorist groups. Israel's attack on Syria pursues the same cycle of follow-the-leader politics that the Sharon government played with the Bush administration. In each case, Israel acts aggressively and with impunity to test the U.S. reaction. Under this guise, Sharon ordered preliminary gunfire on the Lebanese border and has left open the option to strike Syria again.

Immediately following the attacks, Sharon declared that “Israel was prepared to strike anywhere, any way.” These are neither the words nor the actions of a peacemaker, but rather of an empire builder who has found his moment of opportunity.

The Bush administration has come under increased internal scrutiny due to the absence of any weapons of mass destruction that Iraq supposedly harbored.

The Bush administration, in an effort to divert attention from legitimate cries of foul play, is rattling the cages of other regional governments to help in the search for Saddam's elusive weapons – thus the focus on Syria and then Lebanon and Iran. The message is clear: either assist the United States in its unpopular war, risk open reprimand or worse.

In order for the Bush administration to be successful and get reelected, it was paramount that U.S. inspectors either find weapons of mass destruction or that the Bush administration keeps diverting attention across the region, continuing to play upon post 11 September popular fright and outrage.

Where will the war of rhetoric go next? As Americans have seen in recent years, occupation is neither popular nor welcomed. The U.S. occupation of Iraq has produced many U.S. casualties and American troops are increasingly coming under fire. The Sharon spin-doctors might likely have started to empathize with the Bush administration on the difficulties in keeping ungrateful Arabs under occupation.

Of course, it will be worded much more eloquently by an American public relations firm; however the message is the same. Israel will once again recolor the struggle for Palestinian self-determination as a large-scale terrorist operation undertaken by militants who need to be destroyed or kept under close observation and separate from the 'free, western-styled democracy' of Israel.

By the time the Americans realize this move was just an ideological farce, Palestinians found themselves to be living in ghettos created by the segregation wall and Israeli troops might have positioned themselves at the gates of Beirut and Damascus-under the auspices of 'security.'

Source: Al-Sahwa.net