Unending misery for the Palestinians [Archives:2006/992/Opinion]

October 19 2006

Anyone who is still following up on the Palestinian situation is awestruck by the insurmountable nature this long standing human tragedy has taken hold of. There seems to be no let up of the horrific status quo of bloodshed, economic strangulation, incalculable violations of human rights and sheer lack of empathy by fellow Arabs, the international community and now even the Palestinian leadership, the various factions of which are embroiled in their own special brand of infighting for positions that hardly are worth the time and effort. What leadership is at stake? What resources would such leadership have control of? What international weight would this leadership have? These are all questions that come to mind as one watches in bafflement the seriousness by which the spokesmen for the various factions attempt to convince us the legitimacy of their arguments and the unconvincing logic of their positions.

Needless to say, neighbors and other members of the international community have allowed any feeling of concern and sympathy for the already wretched conditions and circumstances that the overwhelming majority of helpless Palestinians are being compelled to endure to take a back seat. For the Palestinians there is no hope of relief from an unholy aggression and a meticulously devious and Godless enemy, who seeks to systematically and methodically render their existence as dehumanizing and torturous as human suffering can be made to be. Most nations of the world would always attribute their conditions of misfortune to natural calamities, poor economic conditions, aftermaths of conflict or whatever discernible causes one sees as frequent causes of human suffering. For the Palestinians, however, we have a far more ugly and evil explanation that will surely go on to be recorded as one of the saddest and contemptuous modern efforts of ethnic cleansing, carried out in the coldest and most scientifically engineered manner. In Palestine we have a horrific case indeed, when human will is driven by such cold blooded and mindless treatment of an entire people by an enemy that insists to have a monopoly on pity for “centuries of suffering and prejudice””