Unified land, but divided hearts [Archives:2008/1157/Opinion]

May 22 2008

By: Dr. Mohammed Al-Qadhi
Today falls on the 18th anniversary of the unification day. Let us compare between the 22nd of May in 1990 and now. It is a big difference and gulf.

On the eve of the unification day, people in the north and south were entirely thrilled with joy and happiness. The unification was a long-waited dream they thought would bring about and breathe a new life to the united people and land.

The same people who carried the car of president Saleh in Aden in 1990 are now vigorously angry and fed up with his regime to the extent that some want to go back to the pre-unification era. What happened? Why is all this resentment and dismay? Many people in the south look at everything coming from the north symbolized in the word “Dehbashi”” with hostility instead of the warm welcome they used to get before. Dehbashi is now a symbol of lawlessness and usurper.

Since the political crisis in 1990 which led to the civil war in 1999