Unity: The Fighting Stage [Archives:2005/849/Opinion]

June 9 2005

By Ibrahim Hussein Mohammed
The fierce fighting started in Amran, between the two South and North armed brigades in the same camp. It was clear that, this was the preamble of the civil war.It was also clear that, the international and Arabic efforts to contain the crisis were not honest. There were several parts that were pushing towards war. Each of the conflicting parties received pledges that they would have support in case of break out of war.

– Sana'a secured the support of her strong alie -America.However Saudi Arabia completely failed to mobilize the Europeans or American to back Aden here was an intensive diplomatic and political activity in Washington

– The war ended, with the a clear victory for the Northerners. The Southern army was in a low morale. Several leaders deserted their units ,and they surrendered without fighting. The Americans warned the Northerners not to make a long siege of towns and to conclude the war as quickly as possible.. and that was what happened

– Sana'a has pledged to Washington to restore natural conditions after war. Some of these pledges were implemented, but others were implemented (in the Yemeni style ).

– Hours after boarder demarcation between Yemen and Saudi Arabia, M.O.J(a southern opposition movement) declared the stopping of its media activity. Saudi Arabia decreased its financial support to M.o.j to a half,then to a lower level.However it preserved some of the aides in case they are needed in future.

– The Southerners have lately realized that they have fought other's war.The Saudi, Kuwaiti's money was the price.The real objective was to set Yemen back to conditions before May 1990. The Saudis and Kuwaitis could achieve their objective in exhausting the military and economical abilities of Yemen, draw and wedge between the Southerners and Northerners. The impacts of the last one are still reacting.

– Sana'a made patient dialogues with most of the Southern leaders, especially those who received convictions of death sentences, imprisonment, and suspended convictions most of them returned and their economic conditions were settled. They remained away from power A few were appointed as consultants for the President.

– The outside world ignored the 1994 file of war for a while, but its effects are still present inside at one level or another. President Ali Abdullah Saleh wants this file to be closed, but there are some circles that think the military victory over the south, requires continuous price that they should receive all the time.