US also makes Yemenis dispute among each otherYemen, US and mysterious plans [Archives:2003/689/Opinion]

November 27 2003

By Mohammed Assabri
It seems that mysterious plans are now being drafted concerning the relations between the US government and the Yemeni government. It has been showed to conceal their joint details because of being preplanned, and that possible negative actions are the focus of their discussions.
In a pervious topic, we had no intention of going into details, but some of the incidents which have been made sure of along with other hidden obscurities that also have been explained in given geographical locations convey two main themes which deserve consideration and attention.
In some of those incidents, which we get accustomed to, knew and heard them, the interest of US diplomats seems to be alert of being not criticized about the nature of military or security cooperation with nations and Arab regimes in the region.
What they have aimed for is just mere balderdash, nonsense praise, sharp or violent criticism for the ruling regime mainly, the society’s defects as well as weaknesses of the clan or tribal power.
The devil’s role in this regard manifests itself in that the American diplomacy has employed those activities in a better way through indirect means to the government and the opposition.
Among those are gaining further official concessions towards issues and files where both the ruler and the opposition will disagree if a discussion or question is raised to between the opposition and the ruling party.
As for what has been believed by rulers in Yemen towards meetings the opposition with the Americans will not exceed the notion of conspiracy or treason against the authority.
This is not only enough; they are also treated as traitors or hirelings shamefacedly.
The worst thing of the political decline manifests itself through the ecstatic atmosphere on the part of the American and their pride, because they are considered themselves as makers of the Yemeni-Yemeni disputes and that sort of decline.
The other devil’s actions is represented by the financial allocations to train the security and army officers on how to detain, storm into, or kill if the need arises.
Mostly, such training has been and will be for officers and soldiers, which is financed by the US in accordance with its policies and objectives and then humiliating and treating them brutally.
Such descriptions have been uttered by some of the military trainees in those military training courses.
The second aspect of the US-funded assistance is represented by the support of the civil societies and democratic human rights. This kind of assistance has been currently centered on governorates adjoining the Saudi borders, the first oil producing country in the world.
It is widely known that those governorates are notorious for their extreme resistance to any modern change in their tribal structure or updating processes in their social developments.
The most perceivable thing is the continuous and welcomed facets of the internal disunity between the authority and the opposition on one hand and the oligarchy and the majority of the ruled on the other.
This is represented by issuing a statement by the main opposition parties in the beginning of the last month, (October), calling the state for disclosing the nature of the security agreements signed with the US pertaining to the so-called anti-terror war.
It is undoubtedly a strange thing, particularly after 3-year elapse of the official emergence of the Yemeni-US security cooperation.
The other details of the devil acts are considered to be one of the gravest conditions.
Hundreds of photos and images are seen by citizens concerning by the barbarian genocide acts in Iraq and Afghanistan and their prejudice to their policies to support their counterparts in the occupied land.
Similarly, there are other suspected minority in the power and some others are either against or in favor of the US interests or at least defend them.
The aforementioned incidents signify to pay more concentration on intelligence and to follow the loyalists and owners of the ill-gotten gains.
All in all, nothing will be positively achieved and objectives are turning from bad to worse.
The first long-term objective is represented by maintaining the contradictory situations and other factors which lead to instability, insincerity and thoughtlessness to the interests of the two ruling regimes, Sana’a and Washington.
The US officials neither have had the willingness for their vital interests which has been characterized by fraud and falsification, nor our officials here who transgress this matter for defaming their real identity or treason for their country.
The second thing, which is permanent, is the concentration of developing the culture of the oligarchy. Whatever its prestigious position is, the nominated members of the oligarchy in the state have all the earmarks of a given defect or eccentricity which are one of the most serious earmarks.
The upcoming precarious problems stem from the slow-footed Yemeni-US relations undergone within the framework of achieving paralleled objectives between the ruling plutocracy through indirect methods. It is said that birds of the same feather flock together.
Through hidden obscurity and mistrust, which pervade the US-Yemeni meetings and contacts where nothing has been crystallized yet in reality except massive illegal detention together with providing military facilities away from the constitutional institutions.
For gaining further supporters, loyalists and informers, Sana’a has become a headquarters for the US Central Intelligence Agency, CIA, i.e., achieving more accomplishments in the process of building the oligarchy and to further dominating strategic locations and islands which is intended for maintaining security and stability from its opponents. It is without a shadow of doubt, a scaring situation.
The past experiences and the current development changes prove clearly that the existence of the US interests in the world are in marked contrast with the expanding freedoms among nations.
During all the 50-year of the US military existence in the region aims basically at protecting the tyrannical oppressive monarchies.
After a period of disappearance of the Socialism as it was similar to Iraq, it seems that the US restore to use force, has been remained a key target to install the oligarchy among nations through making troubles which lead to splits as well as sowing the seeds of doubts among active forces in the state in order to achieve that target.
Whatever can be said that there hasn’t been determinism in the international and political relations or within the single political system. So, this is because, global changes have become faster and unusual. They come from unexpected resources and this can be applied to the current conditions of the Yemeni-US relations.
Indicators point out that an imminent clash is on the way which is clearly shown through enlarging new horizons to gain more traitors and spies on the part of the security apparatuses.
Expanding the Yemeni-US relations will also coincide with overpopulation during the coming 15 years which will reach 40 million people. Poverty and incapability to tackle its political and security disturbances will also add fuel to the fire.
When Yemen’s geography is to be filled with the hungry, this also will include other parts of the country such as, mountains, beaches and deserts.
If no response has been taken seriously to tackle pros and cons of the dysfunction of the resources management in Yemen as well as protecting the oligarchy, an imminent clash will be there.
If the US force and its behavior have been remaining as it is in the region, neither the marine security will be safe, nor oil resources will be too.
The violent bloody acts are just consequences by the devil’s acts and such incidents disclose his involvement and his existence. Its existence in Iraq is an open reality and will appear also in Saudi Arab, then Iran and Syria as well as, he will be in Yemen.
The great loss of the US as well as the Arab interests in the present time is a clear testimony of fabricating a policy adopted by the US as well as the Arab plutocracies which ruled the region.
Now, the have gone crazy because of their preplanned policies and plans to dominate the region.
I hope I am wrong, but this is what I and thousands others see.