War crimes [Archives:2007/1072/Opinion]

July 30 2007

Abdulrrahim Muhsin
Unlike its attitude toward the military agents in Sudan, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is very satisfied with its agent in Yemen, which is the military regime.

Like the contradictory attitude, which opposes to the principle of freedom and democracy, the criminal war, which the oppressive military regime has been waging in Sa'ada, has received no attention from the U.S. Administration. In addition, the current U.S. Administration received the head of the military regime and leader of the Sa'ada war at the White House as if it is a key player in the fighting, particularly as it pledged to provide its agent with military and security aides in order to enable him continue the war.

In Sudan, the criminal acts broke out against Darfur inhabitants in 2003, and the issue was immediately internationalized. Also, the prosecutor in Hague ordered the forcible capture of two war criminals out of 21 listed suspects, accused by the United States and United Nations of committing crimes against humanity.

In Yemen, the criminal acts broke out against Sa'ada locals in 2004, but neither the U.S. nor the U.N. showed any reaction to the fighting despite the fact that the war against Sa'ada locals is a pre-planned event waged in containing all the criteria of war crimes. This fact is backed by the humanitarian and international laws.

During the Sa'ada fighting, the government uses all the kinds of heavy and light arms to liquidate innocent locals and destroy homes and farmlands.

If Sudan has enlisted 51 war criminals, the Yemeni list of war criminals should include at least five suspects, topped by Higher Commander of the Armed Forces and Commander of the Air Forces.

I think that the United Nations is held accountable for the sufferings of Sa'ada locals and the Yemenis will not forgive the international humanitarian organization for its passive attitude toward what happens to the innocent women and children in the restive province of Sa'ada. The government troops commit crimes against humanity in Sa'ada while the U.N. shows no reaction to what is happening as it does in other countries.

Abdulrrahim Muhsin is a well-known Yemeni journalist and opposition activist. Established the anti-regime movement called “Irhalo” which means get out. He was a former media person of the presidency office.