Washington and their exit strategy [Archives:2007/1022/Opinion]

February 5 2007

Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Maqaleh
After almost four years of the bloody conflict in Iraq the American project by President Bush and the neo-conservatives has failed to occupy Iraq with an example of democracy for the entire region.

The American project has not fallen alone in the quagmire of blood, but with it also fell the reputation and credibility of the superpower that afflicted a political leadership with a great amount of political stupidity. It does not look farther than its nose. It appears it did not know that while it is attacking Iraq it is opening endless doors of conflict and wounds that cannot be healed. It is not igniting a fire in a desert, but rather in the area of oil fields and it awakens more than aggression sleeping in history.

Confessions of American guilt against Iraq and the Arab nation are numerous. There have appeared many condemnations even by those who have drawn up programs of those guilt and sins. The concern of all is focused on how America can pull out remaining troops from Iraq.

Those strategic projects and plans to increase the number of American army troops and the propaganda accompanying them are throwing dust in the eyes while waiting for the opportune moment for removing those troops. Those troops thought victory would be easy and fell in the trap and bore the responsibility of the bitter bleeding that is increasing over years.

The strangest of statements may be those unleashed by advisors of the president and those close to the White House on the most important question: What is the solution?

It is said that Bush frequently asks his senior and junior visitors about the solution required for this impasse in Iraq.

I cannot imagine the answers the president's visitors tell him, but I can almost read some of them from noticing the shock that appears on the face of the president after the end of each visit. It is as if the answer says that the only possible solution is the immediate withdrawal from Iraq and handing the United Nations the full role in order to work to preserve Iraq's unity until genuine parliamentary elections and a non-sectarian government represents all Iraqis. They must brush aside all those who cooperated with the occupation and who have done wrong to their homeland, themselves and even to the occupiers. The occupier's hearts have borne rancor and hatred on their honorable citizens who have been raised throughout centuries of invaders and their accomplices.

The people of the United States discovered the war on Iraq, launched by idiotic leadership, is a losing battle and was unjustifiable. They have also discovered that the oil of the region and of the world does not call for that many victims and all the financial squander. It has become certain with every day passing that American citizens become more convinced that what is happening in Iraq is a crime brought on by greed and ill calculations and that remaining in Iraq with increase the number of victims without avail. It is because of obstinacy and individual haughtiness that double and complicate the tragedy, increase the funerals and make the future of relationship between America and the people of the region an impossible matter.

Arabs have fought in defense of the United States in more than one place and fought against themselves instead of their state, but the reward for them was more and more support and backing of the Zionist entity which is the aggressor and usurper.

The reward has been also the destruction of Iraq, slaughtering of hundreds of thousands of people and the attempt to transfer this black experiment to the neighboring Arab countries. The big question that is frequently repeated all over the world is whether the United States is empty of great men who will tell the president and his group of extremist conservatives to stop bloodshed and stop losing wars that have no aim.

Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Maqaleh is Yemen's prominent poet and intellectual. He is the director of the Yemeni Center for Studies

Sourc: Al-Thawra Newspaper