We need to talk [Archives:2005/811/Opinion]

January 27 2005

James A Shockley Sr.
[email protected]
New York , USA
For the Yemen Times

Regarding your editorial, “Misrepresenting Islam, again.”, I must say, I am impressed . I have not recently gone into the pages of the Yemen Times to read your opinions. It is always more of the same, i.e., US equals BAD, everyone else (except the Jews) is GOOD. As an American this unending rhetoric always seems so ridiculous. Why is there never any room for debate ? And why does there ever seem to be any concessions made by the editors of the Yemen Times ?

It is occasionally perplexing.

However, I today read the above-mentioned column. How refreshing! you are finally moving forward , a positive development.

For any who wish to see, who care to take a little time , research, and find out just what the US has been up to for a VERY long time now. Please, check the libraries, it is in all the HISTORY books. Large chunks of France and Belgium were rebuilt following the end of World War 1 with US taxpayer money. Virtually EVERY country in Europe benefited from US taxpayer money at the end of WWII, to the tune of billions of dollars. The same is true of the Philippines, Indonesia , many of the smaller Island nations as well as Japan herself, like Germany, a defeated enemy, rebuilt with U.S. Taxpayer money.

Billions were then spent, untold treasure to guard Western Europe, and hold back the Godless, Communists, a standoff that lasted for 45 years. Now, ALL of Europe is free.

The US intervened when Muslims were being massacred in Yugoslavia, and stopped the killing.

Kuwait, another Muslim nation, freed from Saddam troops in 1991.

Afghanistan, freed from fascism, where Women were executed on soccer fields, routinely. Its own- independent – elected -Islamic nation. Not perfect, but moving in the right direction.

And now )Iraq, a home for fascists and mass murderers, now a battleground where young Americans and Iraqis are dying every day to help give that nation a chance. The stories we hear in the US from our soldiers are heart rending. We know we are doing the right thing, and perhaps, this sacrifice will help many of the other despotic regimes in the region to see)that freedom is the way. Nothing else will do . What a tragedy it took an event like 9/11 to be the catalyst for this change. But on such events, do the pages of history turn.

All that being said, I commend you for recognizing that the US is in the fore front with other large economic powers, in helping to bring relief to the sad and traumatized countries of that region.

Thank you for recognizing the truth, I pray this trend will continue , and I will come in and read your column, perhaps a bit more , with also a bit more optimism.