What do we want from the president of the republic? [Archives:2005/834/Opinion]

April 18 2005

By Rashida al-Qaili
The answer to this question, no doubt differs as the citizens of this country vary. Every one has their own demands and wishes. Since Mr. President is the authority supreme figure of this country and bears the responsibility, he needs to throw the question and not shy away from the answers as they pour on.

So what do we really want from the president? What is our inclusive national demand in which our desires and wishes are embraced?

We don't want him to be burdened with the worries of our breakfast, lunch and dinner, our drinks, clothing and sleep like the poor Chinese president (like the amazing Samir Jubran exclaimed)

What we want is only:

To abolish the wall seperating him and us for we are not Yajooj and Majooj and he is not Zul Qarnain. We want him to create a fixed referential base on which we all abide to without leaving space to moods, power relations, links and ties There is no base after God's holy book and prophet's preaching, which are included in the oath of all the leaders and decision makers, the constitution and law that in essence should be embraced by the jurisprudence.

Therefore if the relation between the governor and the governed was bound and controlled by a standard reference, people will realise the value of their lives, the value of order and the value of the nation. Yet if such referential base is missing then the result would only be chaos and rule of force. Survival of the strongest and corruption would then dominate. The system in the society would vanish filling the prisons with bulks of citizens and the progress journey of the nation would stray to the dark tunnels and mazes of personal and family interest. As well as the tribal and political parties affiliations and desires, selfishly destroying the values of land and man, nation and state, present and future, history and geography and perhaps national education as well.

To summarize

We don't want the president to put us in jail whenever he decides so, then take us out when he feels comfortable doing so.

We don't want him to put us in jail without sin and we don't want him to take us out of it without virtue. All this does not adhere to any man-made legislation on earth, let away that of the heavens.

Cutting a long story short, what is happening is the law of the jungle, upon which, no life would be secured, no system would be maintained and no democracy would ever be founded.