What does Uncle Sam Want from the people of the Middle East? [Archives:2008/1125/Opinion]

January 28 2008

By: Hassan Al-Haifi
No one in this region is hesitant in saying that if there is anything that anyone here wants from the American people, they are led by mainly two things that will cost the American people nothing and perhaps relieve them of a lot of their domestic ills as well. These two things are: 1) to ensure that the next American Administration does not have a real anti Semitic streak running down its spine (against the major Semitic race – the Arabs) and an anti Islamic vigilance piercing its heart, as the current American Administration in the White House seems to display; and 2) to start seeking a different Middle East policy that is more responsive to the feelings and aspirations of the people of the region. In this context, the American people should please forego the Arab leaders in this regard, for the latter have severed themselves from the interests of their people a long time ago).

For well over seven years now, the American people have been misguided by an Administration that is governed by narrow interests manifested in the American military industrial complex and the evil concoctions of the International Zionist Establishment. For sure, one is comforted to see that in the United States, there are indeed literally millions of people who have voiced similar aspirations and have strongly expressed their clear disapproval of having the American policy dictated by the interests of the International Zionist Establishment. These voices hail from a cross-section of American opinion makers and leaders of all social classes and categories (including former Presidents of the Untied States). They hail from the indisputable and prudent halls of academia to many people, who hail from the corporate establishment and many civic organizations. All the latter and others are rightfully concerned that the George W. Bush Administration has allowed American foreign policy to skid off tracks and to coax the American people into worthless military and political adventures. The leadership of the United States in the world is unquestionably there and perhaps all the right reasons are there, to a certain extent to justify such an important position. However, this leadership entails that such a great country that the United States is, unquestionably, warrants that great care and sound arithmetic should be used in the formulation of its foreign policy. In nowhere is this more important than it is in the Middle East. This is not so much, because the Middle East sits on the world's largest reservoir of energy sources, but rather because the people of the Middle East highly respect the great American people. The people of the region truly recognize that the many of the standards set by the American people t to be guided by in most spheres that are indeed sound and worth pursuing, in addition to being detrimental to most people in their lives in these modern times. Unfortunately, especially since the Bush Administration took over the White House, the Americans have been misled to believe that the people of the region should not even be masters of their own destinies, let alone be considered worthy of similar rights as all freedom loving people should enjoy. To start with this is done by a horrendous misrepresentation of the facts, thanks to the unrelenting output of false propaganda and staged covert operations of ethnic feuds and hate mongering, as well as staged ignorance (like the so called Jihadists movements), mainly drawn up by years of preparation and installation pursued by the International Zionist Establishment and diligently implemented by the well entrenched Zionist lobby in the United States and everywhere else in the world, if not decades. The American people are led to believe that this region breeds animosity and hatred and a craving for blood. First of all this is done to whitewash the real menace of the region, which has thrived on the blood of the people of the region, not to mention on the bleeding of the resources of the American taxpayer, since even before its creation – namely Israel. Second of all this is done on the pretext of fighting an enemy (terrorism), whose existence is dubious and raises serious questions of credibility as to the ability of the US Government in truly assessing who its true friends really are and who are its real enemies. Needless to say this whimsical and equally dangerous redirection of American thinking is taxing on the American people, as a whole and surely has turned all the factors of national synergy towards serving the interests of those, who have the least disregard for the overall interests of the people of the Middle East, with carelessness in determining where the true interests of the American people lie as the undisputed superpower of the world.

This important realization would be further enhanced, when one sees how the current Administration insists that it can overrule all prudent judgments and advice (not to forget that most of this is emanating from wise American members of academia, the business world and the general public) as to how to conduct its policies in the region. Much of this advice has warned that submission to the International Zionist Establishment is seriously endangering the peace of the world and undermining the real interests of the United States and its great people. There is more on this to come.

Hassan Al-Haifi has been a Yemeni political economist and journalist for more than 20 years.