When all options entail death [Archives:2003/675/Opinion]

October 9 2003

The Middle East is a volatile area, perhaps uncontested anywhere else in the world for the potential explosive situation that could engulf God only knows who at any moment and certainly affect the lives of everyone around the globe, in one way or another. Thanks to the Spartan mentality of the Israeli Government, the region is creping slowly towards an unpredictable craggy course. The mentality of a real terrorist would often rest on the assumption that the only way to feel psychologically secure is to ensure that all those around you have no rest or peace of mind, until that terrorist has clamped down on anyone that might stand in his way. But what is the way of the Hebrew State, whose promoters and supporters wish to have the rest of the world believe is a God given right to a Chosen People amongst all these billions of second caste world citizens, who were left in the background of God's favor. The way of the Chosen People is to first of all displace millions of people from their indigenous homeland for millennia of time, just so the Holy Land can become a sponge that eats up the American taxpayers' money, not to mention the misled millions of Jews, who must donate a sizable share of their earnings to maintain the Zionist war machine. It must be borne in mind that the only way for the real terrorist in the region to survive, according to Zionist philosophy, is to maintain this aura of violence and bloodshed, and destruction, which stems from the Spartan nature of Zionist existence. In plainer terms, without this aura of war and bloodshed, the umbilical cord that Israel depends on for its military and economic survival, would be inoperative. The cause d'etre of the endless flow of funds and military arsenal to the Hebrew State originates from a conviction of uncontested military prowess, and a plethora of spiritual and sentimental digressions from the established norm, which often defy logic and do injustice to God's true and righteous visions for the world and mankind.
Notwithstanding the ability of the Zionist machinery to proceed with its mischievous designs, thanks to the ability of the international Zionist establishment to penetrate almost every meaningful authority in the United States, until the leaders of that great nation have become more Zionist than the Israelis themselves, the Zionist state is not content with simply obliterating the original population in what ever remains of the land these “socialist marvels of the Twenty First Century”, as Zionist propaganda paints them, are now illegitimately trodding on. The Israeli military machine unleashed its state of the arts air force to follow the Palestinians of the modern human Diaspora created by the Zionists after driving them out with all the means of terror at their disposal when it was established in 1948. Let us call a spade a spade and remember that the campaigns of terror unleashed by the Israeli paramilitary institutions and modern Army are the founders of terrorism in the region and are the real true masters of the trade. After all how did Israel come into being and how did the millions of Palestinians that are scattered throughout the world become a homeless and hopeless nation, with no one in the international community to relive their perpetual anguish and despair. With such an ugly background, how can the Israelis expect to find peace of mind as their ugly war machine continues to kill and maim unarmed Palestinians with a military machine that can defeat whole armies, let alone contain a few civilian uprisings.
Syria has proudly maintained a rightful attitude in remaining true to the right of the Arabs to live in peace in their homeland and has continued to insist on the right of the vanquished to be upheld, even though most of the Arab governments have now abandoned even whatever token lip service they used to give to the plight of their brethren in Palestine, forgetting that the Israeli threat is one all Arabs should take heed of and never close their eyes to. Yet even Syria has maintained a high degree of calm, despite its territory being under illegitimate occupation (the Golan Heights) and despite the continuing belligerency Israel continues to unleash against the proud Syrian people. One should not fail to remember the extreme language of unjust exoneration made by the staunch neo-con, John Bolton in the Congress of the United States with respect to Syria around ten days ago. It seemed clear that the Zionist – neo con agenda has now turned on Syria to satisfy its seemingly endless craving for war. As if the Israeli military has become bored with merely engaging the armless Palestinians in their turf and needed a more solid engagement of sorts which Syria could develop into. The latest attack against the Israelis by a Palestinian should not make the world forget that the Palestinians see themselves with two options; they either should wait until the Israelis come and mow down their houses over them or else go blow themselves upon the Israelis taking as many of their uprooters as they could along with them. In either case it is guaranteed death for them, so what is there to loose? The Palestinian woman, who carried out the attack has seen all her dearest kin obliterated by the first option. She opted for the second one, kamikaze style. No matter how one looks at it there is a strong tendency to see an honorable flair to the second option, when all else fails Mr. Bolton.