“When he joined the Israeli army he ‘just waned to kill Arabs'” [Archives:2005/881/Opinion]

September 29 2005

Ironically, thanks to the outstanding conscientiousness of many Israelis, includi9ng those who have served in the Israeli military, the world is getting a more closer look at the real inherent mischief of the Israeli Zionist philosophy and is absolute contempt and disregard for the right of other people to their homes, property and whatever God-given right they are entitled to, and especially the right to life! It is often thought by many misled Westerners, especially in the United States, that the Zionist movement is the best thing that ever happened to the Middle East, if not the world. Thanks to a well organized propaganda machine that has been in operation almost since Theodore Herzl introduced his menacing and scandalous Zionist doctrine to the world, a sizable chunk of effective world opinion is misled to believe that the robber settlers of he Holy Land, are the manifestation of angelic human behavior on Earth. Nothing is further than the truth. Zionist philosophy relies on the principle that the best way to succeed in removing alienable residents of a land is to wipe them out altogether. It is easy to understand then why we have such massacres as Deir Yassin, Sabra and Shatilla, Qana, and the other holocaust crimes inflicted on the Palestinians since 1947.

No, such statements should not be taken, simply because this observer continues his horrible “anti-Semitism” and intruding in affairs that are none of his business (this is the kind of feedback, we get, which one can be sure is also engineered by one of the many instruments of the International Zionist movement that is tracking down anything and everything that is written about Israel, in particular, and Zionism and world Jewry in general). These kinds of allegations stem from many Israelis, who feel hat it is their obligation to tell the world that something is not 'orthodox' (quotes are by this columnist), about how the Israeli Defense Forces, which is another misnomer, aimed to make the world think that Israel has been on the short end of the stick throughout its existence, and this is truly deserving of world sympathy, against those hostile, and now more often used 'terrorist Arabs” that are out to strangle sweet and tender Israel. While most of the revelations shown in the article of the Independent newspaper article (see link http://news.independent.co.uk/world/middle_east/article314940.ece) dated 25 September 2005, are not attempts to advocate for the Palestinians, or to uphold their rights, but what the confessors consider to be their “patriotic duty”, says the spokesman for “Breaking the Silence, Avichai Sharon. He explains further that many feel corrupted by the nature of their services in the occupied territories.

Some incidents to highlight the obvious collusion in the sadistic behavior of the Israeli military brass from the top down follow:

A Palestinian bakery worker on his way to work, who was at will hit by a machine gun positioned nearby his home. No, this was not an accident. The men in the field had reported the man coming out of a house some 70 meters away at around 3:00 AM, but without hesitation, the order was issued: 'take him down'. The jeep from the command post that came to check the “kill”, confirmed the accuracy of the gunner. To ensure that the 'kill' has the maximum effect of terrorizing the already dehumanized people of the occupied territories living near the incident, two grenades were thrown from the jeep and the body was 'smashed completely', according to the article. After that, they opened the bag the man was carrying and found a few slices of pita bread in it. The Israeli Army at the time of the incident reported to the world that the Israeli Amy had scored “another hit” against a “terrorist from the 'Islamic Jihad'. That was in early 2004, making sure to add that the bag the man was carrying had explosives in it. After some revelations from the soldiers involved about the real truth, the Israeli Army acknowledges the shooting as a 'mistake'.

When a tank shell hit a double score of two cars, a Subaru containing Arafat Al-Masri and his four year old cousin, just as it was being approached by a Mitsubishi coming from the opposite direction. The orders had already been out to hit any Palestinian policeman or vehicles they saw. The end result of this “honest mistake” were the lives of Al-Masri and his cousin and Bushara Abu Kawak, 37, who was bringing her children home from school that day aged from 10 to 14. None of these incidents were ever the subject of any inquiry or investigation.

The men of the first incident were reassured that they had “performed well”, as there was no reason to feel any pity. The second incident did not even raise the question about how the tank had fired without even waiting for orders to do so.

“No one did it intentionally”, said Avichai Sharon of the Golan Brigade, but we went back and simply 'did not care', when we learned later that a 14 year old Palestinian boy we hit “for throwing stones at us' was killed.

There were other incidents cited in the article, all with confessions of the cold-blooded nature of the way occupations are maintained Zionist style. All depict an ugly ruthlessness that speaks of all disavowal for any humanitarian concerns and a total disregard for the fundamentals of human rights of civilians and 'human life', as one of the confessors in this movement said, which is not simply an incident here and there, but an institutionalized ethnic cleansing undertaken in a systematic manner.

It is not clear, how any nation can be allowed to get away with murder so easily, but in the Middle East, Israel has been getting away with deliberate and systematic cold blooded murder since it was created. Just ask the perpetrators of these horrendous crimes themselves. The result: close to over two thousand Palestinian civilians killed 'unintentionally', but without the slightest care or arousal of curiosity on anybody's part in Israeli officialdom. That is expected, but what about the rest of the world?