When people are put in the conspiracy bin [Archives:2007/1093/Opinion]

October 11 2007

Adel Amin
The authority puts any work that doesn't satisfy its symbols in the bin of conspiracy against the nation, regime, and goals and achievements of the Revolution. The ruling party put itself as the only representative of all such issues, as well as an official spokesman of the Revolution, Republic, unity, democracy and everything in the country, except for the poor community that continues to expand. For the ruling party, the poor doesn't represent one of the national principles, which it highlights on the face of the opposition when it wants.

According to Dr. Al-Mutawakil, the General People's Congress turned to fight the poor instead of combating poverty and unemployment. Consequently, citizens streamed into the streets of main cities nationwide claiming their constitutional rights and better living standards. They asked the authority to consider their demands, as they are the cornerstone of development.

The ruling party viewed those who joined peaceful demonstrations in different Yemeni governorates as conspirers against the republican regime, national unity and social peace. In the ruling party's eye, Joint Meeting Parties, which stand in solidarity with demonstrators and back their listed demands, lead the conspiracy and instigate people to pay harm to the nation, and here, the nation means nothing more than the ruling General People Congress.

A plan to raise tension nationwide:

Published by Al-Jumhouria.net, a ruling party statement revealed that it has its own sources inside JMP, who, leaked 'secret and exciting information confirming that JMP had prepared a malicious plan to raise the level of tension in main cities nationwide during the year 2007.

According to the source, the plan in question was machinated by Faisal Bin Shamlan, Mohammed Qahtan and Ali Al-Sarari, and funded by Yemeni tradesmen. It added that the JMP's plan receives funds from foreign sources, which it declined to name, pointing out that a committee was formed from JMP leaders and supporters to follow up activities of the opposition elements abroad. Activities of the opposition elements were coordinated and planed to be implemented in the field during the second phase due to the advent of the new year.

The second part of the JMP's plan to shake stability and security of the nation and threaten its unity was revealed by a local newspaper in the name of Itejahat (equivalent to Directions in English). The newspaper's source stated that JMP leaders are studying a plan that aims to exploit the escalating public rage over poor living standards and price hikes to collect as many as 3 million signatures to urge the President of the Republic to carry out his platform and fulfill the promises he made during the 2006 presidential elections.

The ultimate goal of the plan, according to the newspaper, is egg in the face of the President and his party for not fulfilling the promises they made while campaigning in the run up to the most recent presidential and local council elections that took place on September 20, 2006. The newspaper added that for JMP, the collection of signatures will function as a public survey reflecting the real-life situation and concerns of Yemeni people.

Source: Al-Wasat Weekly