When political actions are viewed as a coup against the regime [Archives:2008/1205/Opinion]

November 6 2008

By: Adel Amin
Instead of encouraging the official media to launch irresponsible attacks against Joint Meeting Parties (JMP), the ruling General People Congress (GPC) should, if it has the will to do so, prove abide by the Constitution and laws according to its allegations in this regard. The ruling party is supposed to have disclosed to the public opinion the reality of what was happening during its dialogues with JMP if it suspects that the latter was attempting to conceal facts from eyes of the public.

As along as the GPC believes that the JMP is responsible for the failure of dialogues and agreements, it should have revealed any facts it holds in order to convict the opposition coalition and expose to the public how the coalition plays a negative role to foil dialogue and its prospective result as alleged.

GPC could have displayed some of the samples related with dialogue drafts and minutes of meetings with the JMP in order to disclose to the public how the JMP doesn't remain committed to any agreements and compromises reached by both sides. It should have exposed to the public how the JMP violates the Constitution and prefers political deals.

Having done so to prove that the JMP was responsible for foiling dialogues and breaching agreements, the ruling party would have established substantial evidence in support of its credibility and pointed out that the opposition coalition does not pay attention to the pressing issues of the people during its meetings with the ruling party. Having done so, it would have proved that the JMP only raises its own issues and concerns.

GPC realizes its own weaknesses

The GPC has not done so because it knows well the reality of its constitutional and legal position in terms of what happens on the ground. It realized its persisting weaknesses for the time being. As a result, it did not dare move to reality and expose any hidden facts to the people. But instead, it preferred to hide behind piles of lies it fabricated and promoted via official media outlets with expenses coming from pubic funds.

The official media outlets, which must be owned by the whole nation, were changed by the ruling party into private property for the party to serve its purposes, ignoring its commitment to agreements it reached with the JMP to ensure the neutrality of official media as one of the conditions for conducting free and fair elections.

The GPC has chosen the easiest way to erase facts and conceal proofs of a crime committed against the nation and its partners in the democratic process, which it attempts to adapt and shape according to its own desire. Therefore, it directed numerous charges against JMP member parties and held them accountable for its repeated failure. To accomplish this task, the GPC exploited all the official media outlets, supposed to be neutral, and mandated its leaders countrywide to promote false charges against the JMP.

Political bankruptcy

During its media campaign against the JMP, the ruling party didn't accept even the armed forces, which had become part of a plan to promote false charges against the opposition parties and instigate people against its real partners in the democratic process. All the irresponsible actions so far undertaken by the ruling party constitute a clear evidence of its political bankruptcy.

Let's have a cursory look at some components of the various political speeches delivered by GPC leaders over the few months. These speeches negatively affected their political performance, and therefore became a salient feature of the current time period. These speeches reflected the deep malice the ruling party bears against its partners.

Sometimes, the ruling party leaders label the JMP as a mixture of extremist positions that meet at a single point with the purpose of creating new crises in Yemen and overthrowing the current regime. At other times, they say that the JMP is responsible for terrorism and violence, as well as fomenting rioting and secession calls.

Source: Al-Sahwa.net