Where should Muslims go? [Archives:2005/829/Opinion]

March 31 2005

By Barkatullah Marwat
[email protected]
For the Yemen Times

This is with reference to the page one story “Drop your guns” in The Yemen Times, March 21-23. It is a general impression that the possession of weapons by the public shows that the government's hold is not as strict as it should be. At the same time, it also reflects the government's failure to provide security and safety to the people. That is why they are forced to take arms in their hands at least to defend themselves from their enemies. Thus, from a legal standpoint, they possess the arms as a means of self-defense, provided that they have been issued proper licensing by the authorities.

Before coming to Kuwait, I was working in Pakistan, where I came across hundreds of incidents in which armless people were brazenly shot dead by their enemies in broad daylight, even in front of security men. Now you can well imagine as to why they carry such deadly and sophisticated weapons.

Therefore, the practice of disarmament, not only at international level but also at grassroots, should be initiated. But let us know, who will claim responsibility for a killing of an innocent and armless soul? Yes, a state is responsible for providing security, not to mention other fundamental rights, to its subject, be they Yemenis, Pakistanis or anyone else.

Needless to say, the United States has come up with a warning system of pre-emptive strikes by any country around the world, just for the protection of her own people. But I am of the view that the rest, you, me and others are beasts.

On one hand, America is always seen and heard preaching the virtues and values of human rights, liberty, freedom and democracy, but on the other hand it has been breaking all the rules, laws, resolutions, regulations only for the sake of interest of her people. Is it not a sheer discrimination and injustice?

Should Muslims vacate the planet of earth for Uncle Sam? Where should Muslims go? Is there any Muslim leader who could lead them to a place that is beyond the approach of Uncle Sam? Why? Because here, Muslims have been branded as fundamentalists, extremists and terrorists and whatnot.