WhispersAn ugly face [Archives:2005/859/Opinion]

July 14 2005

By Fahmia Al-Fotih
War is a small word but its consequences are awful, dreadful and hideous. The world has experienced many, many wars and witnessed numerous conflicts and fighting. Even though the world has known and realized the calamitous results and catastrophic consequences of the war, the countries sorrowfully keeps competition in inventing the most fatal weapons and the most dangerous killing tools. This column is meant to talk about the war and military history of the humanity and has not enough space to recall and remind the reader of all world wars and the black history. But what is obvious is that war-making still runs in the humanity blood.

Since I knew myself I found out that there were wars and there were people who were homeless and many children who lost their parents. In the newspapers I used to read many tragic stories told by the victims of these wars. I was watching TV and the situation was worse and more horrible that it made me tremble, have sleepless nights and soaking my pillow with tears every night. It was really disgusting to see dead bloody bodies with their flesh splattered all around along with cries of their relatives and beloved. I was terrified and scared and I could not imagine that the cruelty and malice could drive humans to kill his own kind, to kill his brother and his sister. We are humans despite religion, race or language. We have the same blood and the same flesh. Many questions and inquiries arised and I could find no answers for them. Why do we kill each other? Why do we cause pain and sorrow for each other? Why do we not live in peace and harmony where love, respect, tolerance and dialogue overules?

Now I am grown up annd matured, yet I still read, hear and watch the same events and could not find satisfying answers for those questions. I could not digest the reasons and causes of the wars that always threaten humanity in general and I could not understand the concepts of the war-makers and weapon designers.

In the past the war was different and it was for brave people. The people decided a place and they fought face to face and died on the battle field. However, nowadays the war is completely different and you might be sleeping with your children peacefully and suddenly a rocket in a moment could destroy you and your family and all the things you spent years to achieve, destroying all the beautiful and wonderful things you have. Nowadays we can vividly see the ugly face of the war.

Unfortunately, everyday we are compelled to continue watching conflicts and wars along with casualties and sufferings. The most hurting thing is that we don't have the power to do anything to stop such wars. So all we can do is to denounce, demonstrate, protest and keep dreaming that peace will prevail one day.

Everyday we witness such terrorist acts that claim the lives of the innocent in different parts of the world. The last incident happened last week when the world stood astonished at the blasts hitting London City and everyone denounced the brutal and terrorist acts that target the civilians and innocent people. The masterminds for these terrorist actions do not care about the innocent people who are the victims. They do not value the human life at all and they do not know how much tragedies, pain and depression they cause. In my opinion the masterminds do not belong to humanity and they have no heart and conscience to prepare for killing the civilians with cold blood. They do not understand that they are in the wrong place. They do not know that the cities, markets and streets are not the field of war. What have the people in the streets and in underground stations done to have such a painful end? Whatever the purpose, they have no right to take the lives of thousands of innocent people.

Human is human, whether he/she is Muslim, Christian or Jewish. The life of a human is worthy and precious.

I am a civilian and they can take my life if my death will solve and end all the problems and prevent hostility and hatred. If my death brings about good results and will stop all the wars and terrorist actions for the sake of peace and the whole humanity, then take my life! Take it but for a humanitarian purpose.