WhispersWhen childhood assassinated [Archives:2005/851/Opinion]

June 16 2005

By Fahmia AL-Fotih
There are people who used to draw a big smile on their faces and whoever who sees them thinks that they are the happiest ones. On the contrary, we discover that they are less fortunate and they are the ones who live with the pain and sorrow without their choice. These people have hidden their tragic stories inside them, preferring to keep silent and suffer quietly

Mona is among these people. She is a student in the final year of secondary school. When you see her you will realize that she is a pretty, intelligent, active and kind girl. When you see her you cannot say anything other than that she is a very joyful girl. I myself, have lived with her for a year. Unfortunately, in this period I did not for even a moment think that she had s story to be told or a tragedy that she has lived in. When I finally knew the story I realized how stupid and foolish I was. I used to see her nearly everyday and could not notice that her smile was not from her heart. I used to see her and could not discover that she always suffers aloof. Actually I was deceived by her big smile and sense of humor. I was deceived by her completely, until she herself came forth and removed that black wall of mist in my eyes. She came as she used to come with her charming eyes and her enchanting smile. She came and didn't say a word. She sat silently and I was so surprised by her quietness until she took something from her bag and gave it to me. It was her diary. She then asked me with a sad tone to read it and give her my opinion after reading it. I really was so glad and so curious to know what was in that diary. I then read it word by word and line by line and . It is better now to give you the chance to read what was in that diary. It started like this “I loved him so deeply since childhood and I didn't care if he loved me or not. There was one girl among our relatives that claimed she loved him too and would not get married to any one but him. Then that beloved decided to get married and asked his mother to let him get married to that girl. But his mother insisted that she wanted a woman who could help her in the farm and the households and that girl refused him when she knew that. Then he and his mother came to my parents to propose for me and I happily accepted and had no idea what marriage meant. I was 12 years then. I was very happy with the wedding especially the white dress. I used to come every night and put it on with joy . the story doesn't finish. Mona will continue whispering her story next issue

Whispering continues