Who cares, we want war! [Archives:2007/1083/Opinion]

September 6 2007

By: Hassan Al-Haifi
“Since the Administration of George W. Bush set its foot in the White House, all we could see are war clouds painted red, white and blue hovering over the Middle East,” said Eli, speaking at the lunch table of the newly built hotel atop the City of Sana'a. He continued somewhat pessimistic: “First, Afghanistan; then for no rational reason, Iraq; then the Levant and God only knows how many covert operations are underway! Now we have

“Wait Eli, you got your current events mixed up! The War in the Levant was fought between Lebanon led by Hizbullah and Israel” Hussein always wanted to show off his knowledge just when needed the most.

Eli was ready with the answer, although he felt he should be allowed to continue his former piece of conversation: Do you think that Israel was gung ho on fighting Hizbullah! Only American prodding caused the Israelis to go trigger happy against anything that moved in Lebanon. Even still, the American taxpayer put up the dough for the whole campaign! That is not all; Israel will get a bonus of US $ 30 Billion consisting of the latest state of the art killing technology! That is also at the poor US taxpayer's expense, I have been working in the Middle East for thirty years. People's attitude towards us Americans have changed tremendously since I first came. Frankly speaking, if I was an Arab, I would be hunting Americans left and right with whatever I can lay my hands on! Look at the way Mr. Bush speaks and look at the reality of the world. They are what you might say 'worlds apart'.

His Yemeni friend, Hussein, brought him to where he left off, “You were just about to mention a new area of imminent warfare. Where is this new area? For sure, it is not North Korea! After all what does Israel have against North Korea?”

Eli felt somewhat pleased at returning to where he left off before, “You are quite right, Hussein, it is not North Korea! If you remember what happened two summers back in Lebanon, the Israelis now want to hit back at what they believe is the source of all that might that Hizbullah accumulated. Of course, Israel wouldn't dare hit at Iran. Therefore, they go back to the gullible Americans again. Apparently, they have easily convinced the Bush Administration that hitting at Iran means ending all their and our troubles. I of course do not see it that at all! I think hitting Iran would be the most foolish thing the United States could do now. I really believe that if one remembers what happened in Lebanon two summers ago, it is not hard to see the same predicament falling on the United States that befell Israel only this time multiplied many times over as the scales of the antagonists would dictate. I dread to think how the world would be, if cut off from the most vital source of oil for the industrialized countries of the world today. I think those war hungry American officials in the Administration think that it might not be a bad idea to deprive Asia and Europe from Middle East oil for a while, in order to hit back at their steadfast economies. They probably think the United States could withstand loosing oil from its Middle East sources, while the other industrialized economies could be brought to kneel once again to the mighty US. I am not sure if that is good for the United States or not. But then, one should not expect any good to come out of the United States with the war mongers at the helm in the White House, or to expect these gunslingers to look for what is good for the United States.”

“I think that if most Americans felt like you, then the Administration would not be so prone to submit to the wishes of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee,” said Hussein feeling proud at knowing for what AIPAC stood.

Eli knew what to say to that, “AIPAC and all the other pro Zionist groups in the United States would never allow the American people to know about the real truth of the politics of the region. Otherwise, the smooth flow of American tax dollars to Israel would be subject to a clog in the pipeline. That would then be the end of the lifeline that allows Israel to menace the region just like the United States is menacing the world.”

“So, you think that the Bush Administration is adamant at having a war against Iran?” Hussein asked, still unsure about what the future holds.

Eli spoke after finishing off his last sip of coffee: “Even after the International Atomic Energy Agency said there is really nothing to worry about as far as Iran's nuke potential for now, Bush says 'who cares; we want war!' I would not be surprised if George Bush, Cheney and all the other war hungry members of the Bush administration would like this to be the final blessing that GW left the American people to remember him by; as if we do not have enough calamities already by which to remember the worst Administration in US history without any competition!”

Hassan Al-Haifi has been a Yemeni political economist and journalist for more than 20 years.