Who complicates the population problem? [Archives:2008/1120/Opinion]

January 14 2008

Mohammed Al-Ariqi
Despite the significant work papers presented at the National Population Council's Fourth Conference, which were discussed in groups, the ideas and remarks highlighted by group members had been reflecting scenes of the population problem that was not indicated by the papers themselves. The problem is supposed to be necessarily included and highlighted in the papers' findings and recommendations in a manner helping participants understand the problem well and then think of possible solutions to this problem during its stage of infancy and before it becomes more intricate.

I have heard from people, who participated in discussing the theme related with balance between population growth rates and sustainable development, a number of essential points that made the discussion more dynamic and effective. Similarly, I used to hear louder voices from the neighboring hall where others were discussing the reproductive health theme. Enthusiasm for closer observation, as demonstrated by one of the female participants speaking at the event, made all the attendees give her a hand although the nature of discussion in such groups doesn't necessitate hand clapping or applause.

But the woman might have said something vital to reproductive health in a brave way. Likewise, discussion between members of my group moved toward listing some issues that are mostly repeated at every debate or meeting. Such a repetition may confirm that all the people are serous enough to search for possibly actual solutions to our persisting problems that are the result of various reasons and causes. Therefore, it is illogical to select the problem of rapid population growth as the only reason for all the obstacles we are facing and suffering.

The event revealed multiple causes and pictures, which have been all contributing to slow and ailing economic growth. Such causes need to be immediately addressed through suggesting workable cures and solutions before the problem exacerbates and goes complicated.

Prepared by a group of researchers and academics, the paper indicated that continued economic deterioration will lead to continuity of uncontrollable population growth.

Such a persisting gap between economic development and rapid population growth is bound to make poverty more severe and rampant, as well as worsen citizens' living standards and weaken Yemen's capacity for achieving population policy objectives and third millennium development goals.

In order not to be excessive in talking about rapid population growth rate, we have to move toward correcting our economic, administrative and health systems, create sustainable human development, exploit our available resources efficiently and rationalize spending.

Having done this, we will find that ghost of the population problem, notably the rapid population growth, is overcome by expedited progress of economic and social growth, thanks to the serious efforts of man.

Via randomness, impoverishment and absence of responsibility, we may make out of man a complicated problem. But, via strong will, determination and hard work, we can make out of man a miracle for creativity and luxurious living.

Source: Al-Thawra State-Run Daily.