Who should we believe Bush or Cheney? [Archives:2005/812/Opinion]

January 31 2005

On Inauguration Day, George W. Bush was giving us the gist of his messianic convictions and his visions of a world free from all sorts of oppression, etc. Very nice indeed. But no matter how one may regard the authenticity of Mr. Bush's convictions, he has not spoken to the world about what it is that the observer and most conscientious thinkers of the world wanted to hear. What is happening in Iraq and is there a way out of the predicament, for both the Americans and of course the Iraqis. Where is America heading for over the next four years, domestically and internationally and is it safe to assume that there is really no light at the end of the3 tunnel with a new Bush Administration. Oh sure, there were those commentators who claimed that this was one of the best Inauguration Speeches (“top four or five”). But are these paid commentators (it is hard to tell these days in US media land) or really opinion makers who know what is in store for the rest of humanity to ponder about as But then one cannot blame Mr. Bush. He has inherited so much mess leftover from his previous term, which apparently a good size of the American electorate failed to ponder about, when they went to the polls, so what need is there to lay them out now. No matter, it is easier to get into a world of visions then to delve into reality, because no really takes visions seriously anyway.

Even the Vice President of the Untied States saw no reason to put any emphasis on his boss' nice talk, because Mr. Cheney was more concerned with assuring the Israelis that no matter what Bush says, what is important for US foreign policy is that the Israelis get all the leeway they need to set out the ri9ght course for American foreign policy. On Inauguration Day, according to the Los Angeles Times of January 21, 2004: “In bluntly thr5eatening terms on Inauguration Day, VP Dick Cheney removed any doubt that in the second term the Bush Administration intended to directly confront the theocracy in Tehran.”

In other words if Israel has any worries, that is how US foreign policy will be dictated no matter who wants or does not want to be free! It was Israel that got the United States into the mess in Iraq and now Israel wants the mess to grow into a regional apocalypse. The neo-con agenda sees no split from Israeli visions for the region and thus any hopes for a shift in Administration polices will have to come from Tel Aviv and not the White House.

The tone was already set before (see Common Sense, YT Issue 809) and now Mr. Cheney wanted to assure the Israelis, especially as the world prepares to be reminded about Auschwitz and the “world that did not lift a finger” to stop the Nazi persecution of the Jews.

Back to the LAT article: “The startling reference to an Israeli attack (against Iran) was the kind of strong language that will get their attention in Tehran” said one allied diplomat in Washington, who spoke anonymity” (Why the fear? Never mind!) But then we have those who will clarify what the outlook for the next term is really all about: “There's a rhetorical escalation here: They've ratcheted up the threat level by bringing Israel in,” said Henry J. Barkey, a former Clinton State Department official. How these people somehow get lifted into prominence, when they never got there in their tenure has always intrigued this observer. Again, the key to remember is that the Israelis are going to lay out the visions for the Bush Administration, because the agenda that started in Afghanistan, made a hurried turn to Iraq and probably, as some American 9/11 probers seem to think originated with 9/11 was all part of the same computer simulations played out by the Cheney group. In short: Israel knows these orient lists better and therefore what she says goes. Israel is having a field day in the world as all the world leaders focused their attention on remembering Auschwitz and forgetting all the havoc that the Israelis have caused in the Holy Land.

Of course the horrors of Auschwitz are unforgivable, but to tell the world that “no one lifted a finger”, as Israel Shamir says, is really a sign of ingratitude. How many millions of Russian soldiers and thousands of American soldiers gave their lives before Auschwitz was liberated? That is not important, the whole world could have been victimized by Hitler and the other fascists of the day, but the world will only forever remember the horrors at Auschwitz, just so the horrors of Deir Yassin and Qana and Sabra and Shatilla would not be put to mind. The latter are massacres perpetrated by the Israeli Defense forces or their agents and they are excusable by the Cheney group, which now has its own horrors to worry about as it sets out on its liberation agenda for the world.

One really thinks that it is time for the Americans to ask if there is agreement between the President and Vice President and that when Bush talks, it will be Cheney who will really lay out on the line. No, freedom is not the mission of the Bush Administration, because Israel does not have anybody's freedom in mind, except the freedom for Israel to do as it pleases and nobody “should lift a finger” to stop it. The scenario is not complete yet!