Who will stop this Israeli arrogance? [Archives:2006/966/Opinion]

July 24 2006

President Ali Abdullah Saleh
Everyone in possession of a conscience will have felt pain and bewilderment having sadly followed the scenes of Israeli killing, destruction and ferocious attacks of aggression, characterized by boundless arrogance and exorbitant use of military force, against the Palestinian and Lebanese peoples. As a result of this brutal Israeli aggression, hundreds of innocent children, women and elderly people have been killed in addition to the destruction of all infrastructure and economic constituents in Lebanon and Palestine. All this is done under a regrettable complete international silence. This international silence arouses astonishment and depicts the double standard in implementation of international legitimate resolutions and total retraction of the values of justice and concepts of human rights.

If Israel justifies its savage aggression with the excuse of freeing three of its soldiers arrested by the Palestinian and Lebanese resistance, it does, in fact, by its inhumane and illogical acts exceed that allegation, i.e. the freeing of its three soldiers, to implement its own agenda against the Palestinian and Lebanese peoples, the Arab nation and the entire region by reshuffling the cards regionally and internationally.

The matter reaches its extreme limit when we find Israel launches an open war and lets loose its military machine to kill and destroy and commit massacres with the aim of delivering three soldiers. Against this, there are tens of thousands of Palestinian and Lebanese and other Arab prisoners in Israeli prisons but no one talks about them. Those prisoners include children, women, elderly, ministers and members of parliament the Palestinian people have elated with free will and democratic elections through which the world has witnessed their honesty. Israel, which is a power of occupation, does not hesitate to boast its detention of all those under extremely severe circumstances, depriving them of their dignity and human rights in a flagrant challenge of all norms and conventions of international organizations concerned with human rights.

Undoubtedly, the Israeli escalation against the Palestinian and Lebanese peoples puts the entire region face to face with a dangerous threat heralding the destruction of the foundations of security and stability within it. This escalation, however, places the region before an unknown destiny and possibilities, predicting the worst catastrophes. Therefore, the international community, the G8 in the first place, has to undertake its moral and human responsibility for resolute and urgent interference to stop the aggression and oblige Israel to abide by dues of just peace and to submit to the international will and its resolutions related to the Arab-Israeli conflict. It is particularly so when we take into consideration that the Arabs have chosen the path of peace and have affirmed that through the Arab initiative presented by King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia and approved by the Beirut Arab summit. The Arab initiative has included the realistic bases for the establishment of just and comprehensive peace in the region. The initiative has stressed the importance of ending the Israeli occupation of the Arab territories, and establishing a Palestinian state with Al-Quds (Jerusalem) as its capital, deeming that as representing the actual inlet for the stabilization of the factors of stability, security and peaceful co-existence in the region. Without that, the situation in the region will continue to flare up and be unstable. Continuation of the policy of Israeli aggression and arrogance will dissipate all efforts exerted in the area of fighting terror and prepare climates encouraging the growth of the phenomenon of extremism and terrorism in the region and the world, especially if we realize the increase in feelings of frustration and despair among the Arab and Muslim youth in particular as a result of Israel's excessiveness in its repeated arrogance and aggressions. These Israeli aggressions do not find anyone that deters them and add to that the absence of international justice and supremacy of the double standard policy in the implementation of international resolutions. Reasons, such as these, provide the convenient ground worker forces of extremism and terror to attract those youths into their ranks and push them to commit acts of violence that threaten regional and international peace and stability.

The Republic of Yemen, out of its comprehension of those dangers and a sense of national responsibility, has called for an emergency Arab summit at headquarters of the Arab League in Cairo. This comes out of the belief that holding the summit represents an urgent national necessity for standing up against the ramifications resulting from the escalating Israeli aggression on the Palestinian and Lebanese peoples. The aim is to take a unified and active Arab stand to face the challenges threatening the Arab nation and to find out mechanisms to guarantee implementation of the Arab peaceful initiative and shoulder responsibility for facing the situations in Iraq, Somalia and Darfur in the Sudan. The aim is also to come out with a unified Arab vision safeguarding the nation's interests and keeping its rights and historical role and civilized position among nations.

Overcoming the current Arab situation and enhancing the nation's capability in defending its security and existence dictate a serious and sincere stance and conscious realization that any delay and hesitation in holding the summit would only increase the situation's severity and deterioration. This is surely not the wish of any reasonable person who loves peace.

Source: Al-Thawra Dialy