Why have exam halls changed into scenes for cheating? [Archives:2008/1186/Opinion]

September 1 2008

Abdullah Al-Ahmadi
Cheating is no longer considered an educational phenomenon, nor is it sill limited to students and teachers. Cheating has become a social phenomenon, behavior and culture at home and in the street, at the job and during the daily activities pursued by people.

Cheating inside the exam halls of the various schools is the direct result of a social reality, as well as the product of multiple factors and conditions. However it seems to be, cheating is symptomatic of rampant corruption in state's institutions and society.

Schoolboys see their fathers, supposed to be an ideal example for modifying behaviors of their children, practice cheating and deception, and tell lies while dealing with others. As a result, children grow up to become professional liars and deceive their parents. The girl deceives her mother, the wife betrays her husband, tradesmen cheat consumers and rulers deceive their people.

Economic and social conditions have a primary role in producing the phenomenon of cheating, which undoubtedly destroys society and future of the nation. In 1994, exactly in the wake of the pessimistic Civil War, victors in the war launched the official beginning of cheating by allowing high school students of that year to cheat inside the exam halls in recognition of their victory in the war.

All the regular students, as well as others without certificates, rushed to exam halls with the intention of obtaining high school certificates. Those who applied for exams without the required documents and certificates were asked whether they had been fighting against the so-called secessionists during the war. If the answer is “yes””