Why is the opposition boycotting the upcoming elections? [Archives:2008/1206/Opinion]

November 10 2008

Ahmad Othman
Boycotting the upcoming parliamentary elections seems to be a compulsory decision taken by Joint Meeting Parties, as well as a bitter option the opposition coalition bravely selected for the sake of homeland. In aloud voice, JMP disclosed its decision to boycott the upcoming, however, the electorate is suggesting that JMP should conciliate with the ruling party and its government as they don't know what will be I their favor.

By boycotting the elections, the opposition coalition will make numerous achievements in the long and short terms. Most importantly, JMP will throw the ball to the field of people, who are concerned with the matter and should stand against the will of single and permanent player in this field, which is the ruling General People's Congress (GPC).

“Why is the opposition boycotting the elections?”” is an important question JMP should answer with monotonous details through its popular dialogues