Will always support EthiopiaIndependent Somaliland a non-negotiable [Archives:2004/796/Opinion]

December 6 2004

By Ali Mohamed Nour (Ali Toosane)
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Since we proclaimed the rebirth of our country as an independent State in May 1991 at Buroa 13 years ago, Somaliland has achieved a great deal by way of putting in place its own Constitution, established democratic institutions, its own currency with out external provisions and so on.
Yet, the international community still reluctant to recognize Somaliland although it has fulfilled all the requirements for Statehood. Namely:
Article (1) of the Montevideo Convention on the Rights and Duties of States, singed on 26December, 1933, provides that the State should possess the following qualifications: a permanent population, a defined territory, a government, and the capacity to enter into a relation with the other states.
There is no doubt that Somaliland possesses all the qualifications for statehood. It has security, commercial, and diplomatic agreements with her neighbour Ethiopia.
Similarly, its has similar links though to a small degree with the Republic of Djibouti. Interestingly enough, its people occupy the territory of the former British Protectorate.
We are worried about Somaliland's statehood as being ignored for too long, because terrorism take root and grow when people don't have the means to control their own government.
Today's terrorism in the world has been linked not only with religious or ethnic extremism, but also with problems of poor governance, inter-state conflicts, suppression of freedoms and human rights as well as criminality etc.
On several occasions, the United Nations warned that Somalia was becoming a heaven for terrorists and for the smuggling of weapons including surface – to – air missiles. In addition to, the assistance of Islamic Fundamentalist Groups, strongly influenced by Egypt and Saudi Arab's hard – line Wahabisim.
Really, all these things happened as the result of, recent killings of innocent humanitarian aid workers in Somaliland were organized in Mogadishu. So if a State like Somaliland is ignored for too long, the insecurity in Somalia could spread into Somaliland and in fact this will undermine the stability of the whole region , particularly neighboring countries like Ethiopia and Djibouti.
Today Egypt wants the African Union and Arab League not to recognize Somaliland's Statehood and let Eritrea to remain hostile with their brothers in Ethiopia. However the African Union and the Arab league can't overlook the fact that Somaliland has a strong case to back its independence since the Statehood of Somaliland does not contravene the charter of the newly-formed organization of Africa AU, particularly the inviolability of colonial borders.
Somaliland has the right of backing of the former African Organization OAU Cairo Resolution of 1964, which has ratified the sanctity of inherited colonial boundaries in Africa.
Definitely, the weaknesses of the former African Organization OAU permit Egypt, Saudi Arabia and probably Libya to commit impoverishing and destabilization programmes against the states of the region particularly Somaliland and Ethiopia.
Both Somaliland's political livestock exports ban and Eritrea's hosting and training camps for several opposition groups such as ONLF, OLF are typical examples of impoverishing and destabilization programs in the region. So that if the newly formed organization of Africa AU is realistic their mandate they should have to find a political solution this violence.
Many Somalilanders including me can't understand why Arab league particularly Egypt, Saudi Arabi and probably Libya ignores Somaliland's right to exist. Are they saying the recognition issue of Somaliland may undermine or affect the newly formed Southern – Somali State in Kenya? I would argue that the opposite is true. The sooner Somaliland is recognized the better chance to restore peace, law and order in the South.
Truly the Arab league is running to find what they called a counter-balance of Ethiopia in the region in order to arm against us our brother Ethiopia again and destabilize the Horn of Africa.
Equally significant is that the Arab league is not so happy the bilateral relations we have to day our brothers Ethiopia as well as the use of Ethiopia our port Barbra. So that it is clear the Arab league is firmly, politically, and emotionally committed to the survival of the unity of Somalia. Let me say my words.
Our children's children will look back through their history books with admiration and thanks for the Ethiopian people. In fact, an Ethiopia in danger is our danger. Any person, state, organization that fights against Ethiopia will never have our support. We shall give whatever help we can to our brothers Ethiopia as they did for us. On the other hand, unstable Ethiopia is not good for Somaliland, Djibouti, Kenya and even the stability o f the whole region; Ethiopia is the heart land of the Horn of Africa.
Finally, we Somalilanders know our goal and we are determined to reach it. The independence of our country is nonnegotiable.