Winning Hearts? [Archives:2003/630/Opinion]

April 7 2003

Hassan Al-Haifi
The conniving deceptive mischief, by which the Bush Administration is managing its foreign policy, never ceases to amaze the observer. With obvious developments to the contrary, the Bush Administration has tried to project a do-good image for conducting its blatant and uncalled for aggression against the Iraqi people under pretexts that will only convince the naive and gullible of any constituency, let alone the Moslem and Arab constituencies of the world. Needless to say, the American public is being fooled the most, for they are the ones who stand to sacrifice so much for the evil intentions of Mr. Bush and his clique of insistent and adamant sponsors of narrow interests that are railroading the United States into an obscure future and challenging realities, which could signal the beginning of the demise of the nation that once was regarded as the model of human cohesion and integration. What happened? America, that awesome power of seemingly unlimited might has let itself become the tool of arrogance and narrow interests, knowingly or unknowingly, and more important, has become trapped in that chauvinistic drive that usually holders of power and might become blinded by, as they see this power and might as a sound mechanism for letting their egos and selfish motives become the underlying burden of an entire nation. Notwithstanding the lies and distortions that have been the major elements that have geared the foreign policy of George W. Bush and his ugly Administration, there is nothing that the latest carnage in Iraq that serves the interests of the Iraqi people, the Arabs, the Moslems and last but not least the American people, who surely will remember later on that this Administration has indeed cost them dearly.
All along, we hear how Bush and his clique sing us this song about “liberating Iraq” and ridding Iraq of its “dictatorship” and all the BS that the Administration is filling us with daily, while they rain upon the Iraqi people tons and tons of dynamite, not discriminating between armed and unarmed, men and women, infants and grownups. Yet, the Pentagon and those corny retired generals, who have taken over the “free” American media during this ugly war, which the United States is waging against the Iraqi people, are insisting that they are doing all they can to ensure that no civilian casualties are hit, and that they are “not targeting” civilians. Even if we assume that this is true, the point of the matter is that civilians are being killed by the hundreds, and wounded by the thousands, so what is the point of trying to convince the world that it is not the intention to do so. If that is the case, we might as well throw all those “good intentions”, which the Bush Administration wishes us to believe are behind its ugly carnage in Iraq. Judging by the current statistics, the Bush Administration, based on a daily average, is responsible for more deaths to Iraqis than Saddam Hussein ever caused, for the past decade and a half. Give us a break, Mr. Bush; you will be accountable to God for every innocent Iraqi blood you spill in Iraq.
We must bear in mind some very important aspects that have become quite clear, ever since Bush started his bloodbath in Iraq:
1) The Iraqi people never requested George Bush to “liberate” them. Moreover, the international community through its legitimate international organ, the United Nations never mandated this aggression, but on the contrary insisted that it is illegitimate.
2) The allegations continuously made by Bush and his clique have all proven false and to date and we have yet to be shown even the slightest evidence to back such allegations. There are no weapons of mass destruction and there will not be any found.
3) Iraq was not posing any threat to the United States and had no intentions of waging any hostile activity towards the United States.
In fact all of Bush's violent actions, since he took office, have been undertaken without due process of law or any foundations of legitimacy. In any case we have good reason to believe that the Ansars could never be associated with the Baghdad regime or with any of the other group in Iraq. This observer makes these absolute claims, not so much in defense of what the Ansars stood for, for we are not really aware of the platform they stand for, but one can expect that they did not pose any justifications for destroying all of Iraq, as this group was operating in an “American protective zone”.
In fact this is the first time that war has been waged based on assumptions and innuendoes that have no foundations of truth or justifications that can logically be consumed by even the most gullible of human beings.
The fact of the matter is that Bush and his criminal gang knew full well that they would not find any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. They also knew that they would not find the Iraqis ready to receive them with flowers and roses; otherwise they would not be hammering the Iraqi people with all the weapons of mass destruction, which Bush is raining upon the population of Iraq. But the ulterior motives of Bush's barbarity are bound to come out, but regrettably this will have to await a lot more death and destruction. One of the fundamental mistakes of the Bush Doctrine is that it fails to take into consideration the affinity that Arabs and Moslems share towards each other. The first one being of blood kinship, while the second is a spiritual kinship. Given the right length of time and the continuous disregard for the significance of Moslem gripes against the unholy affinity between the United States and the international Zionist establishment this blood and spiritual affinity will eventually come together to produce an antagonism that the United States will wish that it was never nurtured. Time will also come when Americans will regret the day that George W. Bush was allowed to enter the White House.