World yearns for change [Archives:2004/707/Opinion]

January 29 2004

The present situation in the Middle East is governed by the simple blind logic of the victims should be the culprits. It is not enough that the Palestinians have been forcefully deprived of the majority of the area that used to be their homeland for generations, but the persistent attitude of the Israeli government and their blind supporters in the Bush administration in the United States defy explanation.
The Israeli position as such needs no explanation, since after all the Zionists came to Palestine with a specific agenda in mind that has no place for the indigenous population of the land and demands the implementation of a systematic program to annex any territory it can get a hold of and displace its original inhabitants to make room for Jewish settlers.
However, the American position as such does provide sufficient grounds for worry. While domestic politics may be a deciding factor in setting the course of American foreign policy in the Middle East, with the heavy political influence that the Zionist establishment in the United States enjoys, this influence has now become so entrenched, that it is hard to really tell where US policy in the region is now drawn up, in Washington or Tel Aviv. Previous White House Administrations have attempted to bring the Middle East conflict to an end, in the hope of securing American access to the oil resources of the region and in reducing the awesome tax burden that Israel represents for the American taxpayer.
Much progress has been made because, there was some recognition of the unfortunate demise of the Palestinians by the creation of Israel and the continued illegal occupation of the little territory that remains for the Palestinians to set up their own state.
When the Bush Administration came to the White House, it literally shut its eyes to events in the region, signaling a do-as-you-please, Sharon attitude that did away with any of the marginal progress achieved by the Palestinians under previous White House Administrations and destroyed all the beginning institutional infrastructure set up in the occupied territories (most of which were built by international donors(, thus depriving the Palestinian Authority of all the facilities that can help them begin their road to statehood and secure both the Israelis and Palestinians from any unlawful violence.
Furthermore, though the Israelis were the instigators of the present round of the Second Intifadha, the Israelis and their American backers continue to insist that it is up to the Palestinian Authority to end the violence in the Holy Land. After the tragic events of 9/11, which have now proven to be a greater tragedy for the Moslems as whole and the Arabs in particular, there was just no hope that Washington was ever going to look at the region with an unbiased attitude against the Palestinians or other victims of Israeli aggression. Even human rights have taken a back seat in the way that the White House looks at events in the region, even the fundamental right of resisting an illegitimate and oppressive occupation.

When frustration led to a series of suicide attacks, to make up for the inability to face up to a heavily armed occupation army that counters civil disturbances with tanks and Apache helicopters, the American Government position simply allocated all mercy to the Israeli Government and legitimized all the latter's continuous and systematic cleansing of the West Bank and Gaza of any semblance of Palestinian national existence, physically and politically.
Furthermore, the United States blocked any other genuine international effort to bring peace to the area, even on a collective basis with the United States (such as the Committee of Four), including the now for all practical purposes dormant forever “Roadmap to Peace”, which never got off to its starting point. Even after the Palestinians restrained their eager suicide bombers from further attacks for some time now, to show that it is possible to end all forms of violence in the Holy Land and that Israeli citizen can enjoy peace and quiet, the Israeli pogrom in the West Bank and Gaza continues on full throttle.
Daily killing of Palestinian men, women and children have not abated, destruction of homes, factories and farms continues at full steam (even the olive tree represents a threat to Israeli security), and the ongoing process of making life as miserable as it could ever get for the Palestinians will never seem to see any alleviation of the horrendous hardships that this determined intentional activity of the Israeli Defense Forces brings.
But apparently the White House has pursued its policies in the region with complete submission to Israeli desires and design, even if it meant to involve the United States in a miserable occupation of Iraq, in order that a buffer is set up between Israel and the Islamic Republic of Iran, as Israel views Iran its real dogmatic nemesis in the region. It is no secret to anyone who cares to research for substantiating reports in the press that Israeli intelligence reports were relied upon significantly by the White House in the projection of Iraq as a possible danger to the United States, and all the hogwash scenarios of weapons of mass destruction, which have yet to be found.
So, if they were not found in Iraq, they must have been delivered to Syria! So how long will the White House continue to make fools of not just the American people, but the people of the world, who yearn for a refreshing change in US policy than that fed by Zionist ideologues, who will never yearn for peace, either for the Arabs or the Americans?