Yemen and Pakistan:Toward better bilateral relations [Archives:2008/1125/Opinion]

January 28 2008

By: Sameer Abdul Haq
The ties between Yemen and Pakistan are distinguished and historical, with deep-rooted relations in diplomatic, political, economic, cultural, educational, trade and a host of other areas. Both countries have stood by each other in times of need, thus reflecting the vision of their leaders.

Because Yemen desires extensive investment relations with Pakistan, it would be keen to promote its bilateral relations in all areas, particularly regarding the economy, trade and investment in Aden Free Zone.

Yemen values its relations with Pakistan because they stem from a common faith, history, a commonality of views and shared visions on various world affairs. In fact, such bilateral relations further consolidate areas of investment in Yemen as well as stability in the region.

In 2005, Yemen and Pakistan signed four agreements and a memorandum of understanding to develop mutual cooperation in trade, agriculture, vocational education and training, oil and air transportation, with both countries expressing their hopes and aspirations that the agreements would further strengthen ties between them.

Additionally, both sides discussed relations regarding coordinating their efforts to combat terrorism and drug smuggling as well as exchanging expertise in technical and vocational training fields. They also discussed fraternal relations that aim to strengthen cooperation in various fields such as the economy, investment, trade and education. The issue now is expanding the horizons of such mutual cooperation between the two countries.

Regarding exchanging official visits, this falls within the framework of exchanging experience, vision and expertise. Such mutual visits contribute to pushing forward these ties as well as increasing the amount of commercial exchange between them. Previous official visits between their presidents have contributed to strengthening mutual relations between the two countries.

Yemeni-Pakistani relations fall under the title of brotherhood through developing shared relations in various domains and there is a strong desire and willingness to intensify and improve relations with Pakistan to push fields of cooperation ahead.

One can't forget or ignore the role of the Pakistan School, which the Pakistani Embassy established in 1989. This is one form of such bilateral and brotherly relations between the two countries. Additionally, the school enjoys continuous cooperation with Yemen's Ministry of Education.

Its educational role can't be denied due to its role in offering quality education in an Islamic atmosphere, with the objective being to promote goodwill by providing quality education for Yemeni children and other nationalities residing in Yemen. Specifically, its main objectives are to develop children's linguistic skills and their ability to write lucidly and effectively.

Under President Ali Abdullah Saleh's leadership and guidance, Yemen is pushing forward in its sound policies toward stabilization, civil peace, democracy and freedom of press.

Sameer Abdul Haq is a senior specialist in the Premier Office.