Yemen and the world shall remain free [Archives:2008/1197/Opinion]

October 9 2008

Anyone with any degree of familiarity with the Yemeni scene will be unable to disregard the value of freedom to the Yemeni people and how much they cherish it. Yet, Yemen is also characterized by a number of peculiarities and paradoxes, which at times even defy rationale explanations. Yemen is also a very harsh country geographically speaking and its location and terrain work together to imbue a culture that sees in challenge a great yearning to overcome the odds and to supplant a desire to reach for the limits.

This can be with conviction or with an empty affinity to life, with a craving for the superficial and the mundane or with a firm commitment to enriched values that underscore the holistic synergies of a society that wishes to place its mark in the world.

Throughout the history of Yemen, its people have definitely gone far and wide to seek to energize this desire for freedom and for assuring their continuity as a dynamic people.

The tendency for distant migration in Yemenis is a long time tradition with many different reasons for the many different migratory waves that have intertwined with the history of the homeland. But now with the world getting smaller and the doors getting tighter against Yemeni emigrants, this yearning for freedom will not be allowed to be closed, as the spirit will continue to do all that is possible to maintain the attainment of freedom and the establishment of basic human rights at home as well.

If freedom is an attainable human achievement, then why not insure its establishment at home. It is in this subconscious venue that people like Abdul-Karim Al-Khaiwani, Mohammed Miftah – now internationally renowned celebrities – and many other Yemenis, who continue to stand by their unbendable and uncompressing yearning to be free, insist on fighting for.

Surely, their patience and suffering eventually pay off, as all freedom loving people of the world come out in support of those engaged in the struggle for freedom in Yemen and their appeals resonate to the ears of those who are able to respond and interact with such appeals.

Yes, the President of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh did hear the appeals of the world for the release of all freedom fighters in Yemen and rightfully issued the “pardon”” and eventual release of so many Yemenis