Yemen needs reforms [Archives:2005/806/Opinion]

January 10 2005

By Raidan Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf
[email protected]
For the Yemen Times

I find it ironically amusing what is going on in the Yemeni political scenario. On one side, the ruling party is trying to explain how important the upcoming reforms for the future of Yemen are, and on the other the opposition parties are raising red flags and screaming as loud as they can against the implementation of these reforms.

It's like two kids fighting and giving each other the finger – metaphorically speaking.

Each side has a loud argument. I've never seen Yemeni press as loud as it is today; opinions are harsh either with or against the coming reforms.

Such a debate represents our government's success in encouraging democracy and empowering the press enough to stand against the government itself and its plans. However, the downside is represented in losing the focus on the issue of reforms; taking this argument from a healthy debate into a personal attack, the opposition is required to generate better ideas to assist reforms not withstand them.

Our prime minister isn't the devil, he is trying to implement good reforms, and I stand beside him in support of reforms.

Today we will have to pay the price for our own reforms, I know that the current government will not lead us to the expected results, yet I sincerely feel these reforms will secure a relatively better future of our children in the long run.

And aren't they worth it?