Yemenis may tolerate harming any achievement except unity [Archives:2008/1155/Opinion]

May 15 2008

By: Al-Hamdi Saleh Halboub
Yemen's Reunification, a great objective that had been so far sought by many generations of this homeland, has been and is still a valuable ambition that helps national feelings grow and generates noble values among patriotic strugglers in the different parts of the country throughout the different stages of our history.

Yemeni people had been awaiting May 22, 1990, the day on which the unity was established, for a long time until such an unforgettable event came to authentically reflect the feelings and emotions of all various social groups countrywide.

What we are highly proud of is that our unity was established on a democratic basis, but not on the basis of affiliating one part of the country with the other. On May 22, 1990, Yemeni people's dreams were achieved, and that ever memorable day produced a real criterion for all Yemeni citizens on how to maintain and defend their national unity. When you made an achievement and believe that you have done it well, a very important question being raised here is that “how can we conserve such an achievement like we made it?”

We want Yemeni citizens to interact with matters as they are in reality, or to deal with issues by reactions, as well as neutrally check the mistakes that contributed and still are contributing to weakening national allegiance and making the national unity a target for their painful hits. Such destructive mistakes may be committed by the government or the opposition.

Undoubtedly, the 1994 Civil War greatly contributed to changing the unity's course irrespective of the causes of the war and who is responsible for it.

We never say that the ruling party, which leads the country alone and remains to commit flagrant mistakes, is not responsible for the destructive event, particularly as it evidently pursues the policy of gratification and interest arousal one time, but intentionally avoids serious solutions to any pressing problems at another time.

Seemingly, this party practices a policy of temporary solutions and remedies that only makes the wound more painful.

The current turmoil Yemen suffers constituted a hurdle on the way of building the modern Yemeni state and deprived Yemeni people of stability and peaceful living under a state of law and order.

The opposition is also blamed for the standing turmoil and dire situation of the country, mainly as it remained for a long time aside from citizens' real issues while its leaders seem to behave in a way as if they are “maintenance parts for the regime”.

Despite the fact that we suffer chronic pains amid the current dire situations, which are the result of confusing between national issues and legal demands, on the one hand, and personal interests of war pirates and crisis brokers based on regionalism and racism, on the other, we still greatly hope that Yemen has educated and prudent elite that are more able to safeguard the unity and drive the country to a safe destination.

Source: Al-Share'a Weekly